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A honeymoon is one of the most special and romantic trips you will ever take. It is the ideal opportunity to relax, experience new adventures and celebrate love with your newly married partner. However, it is not always very easy to find a budget honeymoon that meets all your needs in addition to a good price. That’s why you’ll be given a hand with this list, which contains five destinations that are perfect for a great budget honeymoon.

Bali an island in Indonesia

The first destination is perhaps one of the most popular, namely Bali. This island in Indonesia is often chosen for a honeymoon because it has breathtaking nature, quiet beaches and a very rich culture. It is also a budget-friendly destination, where you will get a lot for your money. Where you have to pay immense amounts in other parts of the world, in Bali you can enjoy luxurious accommodations that are available for a fraction of that amount. You can be active during the trip, because there are many possible activities. Examples include surfing, snorkeling, yoga classes and exploring temples and local markets.

Portugal is very charming

A destination on the other side of the world, compared to Bali, is Portugal. This is a very charming country, which, in addition to a beautiful coastline, also has a rich history. Affordable places are easy to find in the country. A honeymoon can therefore also take place there. In Portugal you can enjoy a very rich culture with many picturesque villages. If you like to go on adventures as a couple, Portugal is perfect. There are a great many outdoor activities, such as hiking, surfing and kayaking, that you can do with your partner.

The countries of Thailand and Vietnam

The third destination contains two countries. You can visit them both in one trip, but they are not mentioned in one fell swoop. The two countries are next to each other. The travel distance is therefore approximately the same. Both countries are very fascinating. They have both a rich history and culture. In addition, Thailand and Vietnam are both suitable for a budget honeymoon. You can enjoy fun outdoor activities, such as cycling and walking, and enjoy the surroundings. There are many beautiful beaches and the rest of nature is also breathtaking. The sights are very interesting and delicious food is also available in the countries.

Choose a place in Greece

For the fourth destination we go a little further back to Europe. The country of Greece has countless perfect places for a budget honeymoon. There are beautiful destinations in and around the city of Athens, but certainly also in all the Greek islands. Each destination is romantic with a rich culture, beautiful beaches and of course great weather. Especially for a newly married couple who can enjoy the history and culture, Greece is the place to be. The museums and historical sites make for an ideal destination for culture and history enthusiasts.

Enjoy the Mexican culture

For the fifth, and final, destination we go a little further out of Europe. The country of Mexico is one of the most vibrant countries in the world. Here you can enjoy delicious food, beautiful beaches and a very rich culture. Luxury accommodations are available for a good price. Outdoor activities such as diving and snorkeling are possible, but there are also many possibilities on land. The nature is extremely suitable for cyclists and walkers. The adventurer is therefore very much at home in Mexico.

What should you pay attention to?

After reading a number of destinations, it is good to take a look at the things you should pay attention to. A budget honeymoon must meet the wishes and needs of the bridal couple, while at the same time fitting within the available budget. Here are some things that a budget honeymoon must meet:

  1. The affordability is of course the most important thing about the honeymoon. The bridal couple must be able to keep the trip within a certain budget. It is not the intention that financial problems arise because the honeymoon was too expensive.
  2. The quality of the accommodation must be good. A budget honeymoon is not as expensive as a super luxury honeymoon, but despite the difference in price, the quality of the accommodation should not be compromised. The accommodation should be safe and comfortable for the bridal couple.
  3. The presence of romantic activities is a must. A honeymoon is a romantic journey. A destination should have romantic activities associated with this trip, such as a candlelit dinner or a romantic stroll.

How can you influence the price?

To keep the honeymoon within a budget, there are a number of things you can do to influence the price. For example, the location and accessibility have a major impact on the final price. a destination must be affordable and also easily accessible in terms of transport. You do not want to incur unnecessary travel costs. In addition, flexibility is also a way to influence the price. When you as a bridal couple are flexible in booking, the total costs will decrease. Make sure you are flexible in the destination and dates to save more money.

What must the trip meet?

In short, a budget honeymoon must be affordable, but it must meet a number of other requirements. The quality of the accommodation must be good and romantic activities must be possible. You can influence the price yourself by being flexible and looking at the location and accessibility of the destination. The five destinations, Bali, Portugal, Thailand and Vietnam, Greece and Mexico, meet these requirements. It is good to remember that it is not necessarily about the destination of the honeymoon, but that you have enough relaxation and quality time together. The honeymoon is there to celebrate love. A destination can help with this, but you have to make the journey of a lifetime together. That’s what every newly married couple deserves.

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