TikTok shows you how to make the perfect cheese board at home

A good cheese board makes us very happy. You can go to the average wine bar for a cheese tasting, but you can also easily make it yourself. Would you like to put together your cheese board in a different way than just with a brie and a bunch of grapes? Then get your inspiration from this TikTok. Can’t get enough of cheese? At this restaurant in Amsterdam you can enjoy a five-course culinary cheese soufflé dinner.

Cheese in one hand, wine in the other…

With this TikTok you take your cheese board to a higher level

Are friends coming over soon or do you need ideas for an original date? Then turn your kitchen into a gigantic cheese board. This way you score points with your friends or date anyway.

Tip: go to the market to stock up on the cheeses. The prices are often a lot more attractive and the range is also much more extensive than in the supermarket

Cheese board à la TikTok

How do you create that perfect and unique cheese board? You start by packing your kitchen or dining table with baking paper or wrapping paper. This way you can use the entire table as a cheese board, which is ideal if you are with a large group (and that way your table won’t get dirty). Then you divide the cheeses over the table. If you like it, you can write the name and, for example, the type of taste of the cheese. Fill the rest of the table with, for example, grapes, olives, toast, charcuterie, pickles and syrup.

Create your own wine tasting experience

To make the cheeses even more tasty, you can also create a wine tasting yourself. Combine some soft and fresh wines with fuller and creamy wines. For example, make a selection from white, red, bubble, rose, orange or, of course, non-alcoholic wines.


hosting tip: cover your kitchen island in brown baking paper and make it into a cheeseboard 🍷❤️❤️❤️ cc @alana lav #hosting #kitchen #aesthetic #london #londonvlog #londonhomes

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Attention cheese lovers: TikTok shows you how to make the perfect cheese board at home

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