TikTok goes wild about a mascara that makes your lashes mega long

Makeup: Almost everyone uses it these days. There are so many different brands that you hardly know which product to choose from which brand. They all look beautiful, but one product is even more expensive than the other. Fortunately, a mascara with a small price tag is going viral on TikTok and it also gives your lashes serious volume.

Even better than fake eyelashes!

Essence mascara

You might have guessed it, but the mascara we are talking about is from the well-known Essence brand. They are known for providing good products for an affordable price. Especially their mascaras seem to be popular with users for years and now it’s hit again. There is a mascara from Essence – called ‘I LOVE EXTREME’ – completely viral on TikTok and this product gives your lashes some serious volume.

The tag “Essence Mascara” has more than 2.9 billion views on the platform to date. This is because many users go to TikTok to show what result the mascara gives them. TikTok users like @ssunaa and @therobelifeblog show how much extra volume and length the mascara gives them and we are obsessed. See the result for yourself below:

@ssunaa This trend but with lashes. #fy #fyp #viral #goviral #lashes #makeup ♬ i wanna kiss you – evie

@therobelifeblog New fav drugstore mascara $5! @essence.cosmetics @ssunaa #mascara #mascarahacks #drugstoremakeup #viralmakeup #affordablemakeup ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


“Okay, look at her lashes! oh my gosh!”says @therobelifeblog as she watches @ssunaa’s original video. “When I tell you I ran to Ulta to get this mascara,” she continues. “Essence to the best mascaras. [This is their] ‘I Love Extreme Crazy Volume’ mascara. This is a serious wand. I’ll be so sad if I don’t get similar results, but we’re going to try it anyways.”

Under her video, there is of course also a massive response from other users. As one follower writes: “the best!! I have them all pink black green.” Other followers write: “I have been using this for years!”, “when do we measure at the Kruidvat?😁😂” and “I have been using for years 😁.”

So quickly run to the Kruidvat and stock up on this mascara before it’s gone!

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TikTok goes crazy over this mascara that makes your lashes extremely long (and it only costs $ 2.89)

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