Tiffany and Britt give an update on their married life

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen the finale love is blind Season 4, proceed with caution.

every season love is blindHe’s got that couple — the one who never seems to be a mess and who might just go the distance (Lauren and Cameron and Alexa and the Brennons, if you will). Since season 4 aired last month, it seems that 37-year-old Tiffany Benniwell and 36-year-old Brett Brown are the main hiring couple.

The pair instantly bonded in the pods, opening up to each other and sharing some of their emotional struggles. Aside from an embarrassing incident where Tiffany accidentally fell asleep while Brett professed his love for her, the couple didn’t seem to have any problems in their love story. Although there was a lot of stress in preparing for the wedding, the two easily said “yes” at the altar.

ET’s Will Marvoji spoke with both Britt and Tiffany before their wedding episode aired, where they opened up about their love story and about life since the altar.

Brett told ET that he knew Tiffany was “five or six days into the pods dating process today.”

“That was always a yes,” Brett said.

Tiffany shared with ET that her family loves her new husband.

“He came back to Houston with me and my whole family, they just called him ‘My handsome husband!’ He is absolutely handsome. I think they like how he treats me too,” Tiffany explained.

Although most of the fourth season takes place in Seattle, Washington, Tiffany reveals that she has since moved to Portland, Oregon to be with her husband.

“I moved to Portland,” she said. “It was easy to just move to Portland and settle down just because I’m a freer spirit.” “Apart from the closet space, we were good. I have learned to accept his tools at home, in fact, I have come to appreciate them.”

love is blind Season 4 is streaming on Netflix with the live reunion premiere on Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Netflix.

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