This way your house will be clean within an hour

After all, life is lived in the house. That also means that it gets dirty. Now that we are working from home more than before, that may also go a little faster. It’s not nice to be in a place where you notice that it’s not always clean. That is why it is also important to keep your home clean. Only that always costs you so much work. Then it’s nice to know how you can get this done within an hour. Then follow the next method.

Start with the kitchen

It’s smart to start with the kitchen. You first tackle the cupboards, the stove, the countertop and the tile wall with kitchen cleaner. You can also tackle the handles of the doors immediately with a brush. Now it is important to scrub the tap and the sink thoroughly. Discard the trash that is in the trash can and put in a new bag. Now all you have to do is vacuum the floor. Occasionally a mop is added, but that is not necessary every time.

Continue with the living room

It is now smart to continue with the living room. You spend a lot of time here, so it is also important to keep this space clean. First you clean up all the stuff that doesn’t actually belong in the living room. Then you make everything dust-free with the feather duster. Then it is important to clean all parts and surfaces that get hold, such as doorknobs, with all-purpose cleaner. Now it’s time to vacuum everything. Also do this under sofas and chairs. This space also needs a good mopping every now and then.

Quickly clean the toilet

The toilet can be cleaned in the shortest possible time. You first flush and add some toilet cleaner. You brush the inside again with the toilet brush. Then you tackle the fountain and the faucet with all-purpose cleaner. You can wipe this clean with some toilet paper. Put the brush in the toilet for a while and pull it through once, so you rinse it well. Now it is important to clean the doors well with all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the back wall of the toilet properly.

End with the bathroom

Finally, it is necessary to pay close attention to the bathroom. You do this by first throwing the towels and other bath linen in the wash. Now you need to properly tackle the shower with bathroom cleaner. Do this from top to bottom and dry with a cloth. You tackle the mirror with glass cleaner and a cloth. Now it is smart to tackle the taps and handles in the bathroom with all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. If you have a toilet, you should clean it following the steps above.

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