This way you get enough exercise when you are actually way too busy

Busy, busy, busy: it might be an excuse you often use not to exercise. You just really don’t have time to move. Difficult, because you really need movement, even when you are busy. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that you get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to stay healthy. But how do you do that when your agenda is actually way too full?

Exercise when you are busy

In reality, of course, that’s nonsense. We always have a little time to spare, but sometimes we think way too hard. “Sports” always seems to have so many steps: put on sportswear, go to the gym, exercise, change clothes and shower and then go home. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated at all. With these tips, you can keep yourself busy even when you’re busy

1. Take the bike to work (or to the carpool)

So sometimes we think way too hard about sports. Simple but effective movement often doesn’t have to take much extra time. Of course you are on the road a little longer on the bike, but for that you will have to get out of bed a little earlier at most. Incidentally, it is often better to get through a city by bike than by car. Because yes, cycling also counts towards those 150 minutes of exercise per week, especially when you set a nice pace. Time to take the bike to work, the carpool or the station.

take the bike to work carpool move busy

2. Get out of bed earlier

You just saw this one coming by, but it’s really the ideal way to create just a little more time in your day. Unless you go to bed really late and need every minute of sleep, getting up fifteen minutes earlier really can’t hurt. And then you have just enough time to do a quick workout.

3. Plan your workouts

Is a busy schedule your problem? The best way to make sure you have room to exercise is to treat it like an appointment. Plan it well in advance and write it in big letters in your agenda. Of course you shouldn’t throw it out again when something else presents itself at that time. Then planning is pointless.

put your workouts in your calendar

4. Use your breaks

Do you normally spend your entire lunch break scrolling through your messages, checking Instagram and eating a big meal? Nice and quiet of course, but you can also spend that time differently, especially when you normally sit behind a screen all day. So stretch your legs and go for a walk during lunch. Do you have nice colleagues? Then get together and talk about your day, your weekend, or whatever takes your fancy along the way.

5. Go for short, intense workouts

The WHO also recommends that you do strength training at least twice a week. That doesn’t have to be an hour’s workout, but can also be done in five or ten minutes. For example, this 6-minute morning workout.

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