This way you choose a suitable wine for your dish

When you want to cook during a dinner at your home, you naturally want to put the best on the table. Preferably with appropriate wine with your dish. A different wine is suitable for each dish. Below I share the most delicious dishes with a matching wine, which balances the whole perfectly.

A nice salad

If you opt for a fresh salad, it is wise to open a nice cold wine with it. A wine that goes very well with a tasty salad is a Bernardus sauvignon. A sauvignon blanc has a fresh taste, which makes it very tasty during fresh food. You can easily make a salad with the right ingredients, such as tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, pasta, pesto and some pine nuts.

Homemade pizza

Making your own pizza, isn’t it delicious from time to time? Sprinkle the pizza with favorite ingredients and make it completely to taste. You can first put together the bottom, with a little tomato sauce the base is already ready. After this you add your ingredients as desired. Think of salami, bell pepper, cheese, mushrooms, onion and arugula. Of course, a pizza also includes a nice wine. A wine that really goes well with pizza is a red wine. A good red wine, for example, is the pinot noir. You will find a wide range of tasty red wine at Bernardus wine.

Italian Risotto

If you want a dish with rice, risotto is always the right choice. Risotto is made with all kinds of different ingredients. You can easily prepare risotto and it is a very tasty recipe that you can make to taste. Of course, not only Parmesan cheese is part of risotto, but also a nice wine. With a risotto with fish and asparagus, for example, you want to go for wines that are a bit fresher. Think of a white bordeaux or a delicious soave.


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