this way you can make every shaving session a success

You know it: you start your shaving session and after a few quick shaving movements – with an often slightly too blunt or rusty blade – you already feel the skin irritation. From ingrown hairs and an unsuccessful trim to a sink covered in hairs; shaving is and remains quite a chore. And that is exactly where technology can lend a hand. How exactly? You can read that below.

Heated razors
We have entered the era where tech literally makes everything easier and more enjoyable. For example, Gillette offers heating strip technologies to enable a luxurious shave from home: at the touch of a button, the device provides soothing heat and the most advanced blades that do the work. A kind of warm towel sensation, while you make your skin hair-free without leaving it irritated. Of course, the device is completely smart: you can count on magnetic coupling and wireless charging.

Innovative old school
Razors that have everything you want, and nothing you don’t: the classic safety razors, a single blade razor, are back. But in an innovative jacket. Do you choose sustainable? Then go for a stainless steel version that will last forever. Or try shaving with hybrid designs, where you decide per day whether you shave with one, two or three blades. With modern safety razors, bumps, skin irritations and ingrown hairs are guaranteed to be a thing of the past.

Everyone wants a beard apron
And when we say everyone, we really mean everyone. Nothing more annoying than every time, just before you go out the door, to have to clean up every single hair because they have fluttered in all directions. You put it around your neck and on the other side you attach it with suction cups to the mirror opposite you. You now only have to focus on the perfect trim, without having to hang directly over the sink. Thank us later.

This post was created in collaboration with Kruidvat.

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