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What do you want to see and taste? At the Culy editorial office, we discover so many new products every week that we decided to simply bundle them. Every Monday, at the start of a fresh week, we share our latest tasty discoveries with you. This way you are always aware of the latest food trends and innovations. What did the Culy editors find for week 16? Find out!

This week: candles with fried chicken, cheerful radishes and tropical cocoa soda.

4x new discoveries for week 16

1. Kumasi

It has been known for some time: in addition to chocolate, the cocoa fruit can also be used to make fruit juice, which lends itself well to soft drinks. Very well indeed, because in fact the cocoa juice is a residual product that would otherwise simply flow into the ground. With Kumasi Sappi (without carbon dioxide) and Kumasi Gassi (with carbon dioxide) you can taste that soft drink in the Netherlands. The taste? Sweet, fruity, tropical and fresh. Also very tasty, in short.

Kumasi’s cocoa soft drinks are for sale at Albert Heijn and HEMA, look for them on the ‘special soda’ shelves.

Kumasi new product
Source: Ogechi Chibueze for Culy

2. Foam bitters

Whiskey sours, we love them. Yet we often find making them a hassle, especially because of those proteins (with which we always have a bit of a fight). Ms. Better’s Bitters Foamer changes that: in addition to 40% alcohol (so use them sparingly), these bitters also have the properties to provide your drink with a layer of foam. That’s handy.

The Ms Better’s Bitters Foamer costs €37.50 and is available through Drankdozijn and liquor stores such as Cane & Grain.

3. Candles with the smell of fried chicken

A bit crazy, but fun: these candles not only have the shape of a deep-fried drumstick, they also promise to spread the same aroma. Whether you should want that in your house or not is up to us, although we know plenty of fried chicken fans who would like to take on that experiment.

The fried chicken candles are sold per 3 and can be ordered through this webshop.

Scented candles with fried chicken aroma

4. Candy vegetable radish mix

Cruditélovers had probably spotted them for a while: Albert Heijn now has a great radish mix with white tip, purple and red radishes. That’s nice, because you wouldn’t buy purple and white radishes separately. Culy’s idea: serve the radishes with the drink with our whipped brown butter. You won’t hear anyone complain about that.

The Candy vegetable radish mix is ​​for sale at Albert Heijn.

Candy vegetable radish mix in the context of new products from week 16
Source: Albert Heijn

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