this is what you earn as a hairdresser

Have you ever wondered in the hairdresser’s chair what a hairdresser earns per month for the work he or she does? We went to investigate and found the answer for you. This is what a hairdresser deserves.

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Duties of a hairdresser

Of course a hairdresser cuts your hair, but that is certainly not the only task. In addition to cutting the hair, the hair must also be washed and blow-dried. Furthermore, a hairdresser is still involved in shaving or cutting beards or mustaches for men, they treat the scalp, they can style your hair by braiding or curling it and they adjust wigs as desired.

And that’s not all of course! You can see your hairdresser as the doctor of your hair. They are also there for all the problems you experience with your hair. For example, they give you advice on how to care for it, how you can best style your locks, which products are best for your hair type and how you can avoid oily hair, for example.

This deserves a hairdresser

A hairdresser therefore has a considerable range of tasks and is of course also paid for it. Although you can start very low, you can of course work your way up. In this profession too, you will earn more if you have been in the profession longer – and therefore build up more experience. In addition, it naturally differs whether you work for yourself or whether you are employed.

If you are employed, you can expect a salary with a minimum of €1136 and a maximum of €3223. At the start, your salary is usually between €1136 and €1985, but as soon as you have been employed for more than five years, this rises to amounts between €1398 and €2339. This is a 38-hour working week. If you work as a self-employed person, you can of course determine your own rates. As a result, your salary can be higher if you choose this option.

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