this is what Joris van de Bachelorette used to look like

Last Thursday, the last episode of De Bachelorette was broadcast from South Africa. In this episode it was shown that Joris was handed the last rose by Sylvia. Butre, what did this captain actually look like in the past?

joris bachelorette back in the day
Source: Videoland

George in the Bachelorette

The adventure in South Africa is over. First of all, what kind. 37-year-old Joris received the first rose of the program and also the last. You can say the circle is complete. During the program, Joris was one of the viewers’ favorites and guess what? He was also Sylvia’s favourite. The two love birds have had many dates with each other and have often gone into depth with each other. It therefore came as no surprise to the fans of the program that it was Joris who received the last rose. Are you curious if Joris and Sylvia are still together? Then watch the reunion episode of the Bachelorette on Videoland this Thursday.

TikTok video

After last Thursday’s episode, there are of course a lot of TikToks going around about the program. Joris has gained a lot of followers on Instagram and fans of the Bachelorette are tracing his past. A viewer of the program had noticed something remarkable. Joris has a huge one glow up had. The TikTok video starts with the well-known text: “He is a 10 but …” Then follows an old photo of Joris with the text: “He used to have spines.”

@vickydorhoutmees Damn Joris what are you doing to us #bachelorette #fyp #sylviageersen ♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

Well, we agree with this viewer. So Joris clearly has one glow up had. But, despite the thorns of the past, we still think Joris is a very nice man. We hope that Sylvia made the right choice and that she is still together with this handsome captain.

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