This is the best way to prepare and cook asparagus

Hooray, it’s asparagus time again! This delicious vegetable comes into its own in many dishes, so there is no shortage of tasty recipes. But what is the best way to cook and prepare asparagus? We explain everything about cooking asparagus!

Cooking asparagus

Hooray, it’s asparagus time again! But after a year of waiting for this moment, you may have forgotten how best to cook and prepare asparagus. That is why we share the best tips and recipes.

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Prepare asparagus

Before you can start cooking asparagus, you must first prepare them. You do this by rinsing them under cold water. Then cut off about 1-2 cm from the bottom and place the asparagus in cold water for half an hour. This allows them to fill themselves with water and makes them easier to peel. Has the half hour passed? Then take them out of the water and peel the asparagus from the top down with a peeler or special asparagus knife. Make sure there are no pieces of peel left behind.

How long to cook asparagus?

Now that the asparagus is ready to cook, you need to know the correct cooking time. The answer to this is not unequivocal. How long you have to cook asparagus depends on the thickness of the asparagus. One time only five minutes is enough, the other time ten minutes. Thin asparagus cook faster than thick asparagus. It is best to keep a close eye on the vegetables and check from time to time if they are ready. Do you want to check whether your asparagus is cooked? Carefully prick the bottom with a knife or fork. Do you feel little or no resistance? The asparagus is then cooked and ready to eat. Remove them from the water with tongs or a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

Prepare asparagus

It is best to cook asparagus in plenty of water with a little salt. Use a large pan or a special asparagus pan for this. You’ll know you’ve added enough water when the tops of the asparagus are just sticking out. So, the cooking time of asparagus is five to ten minutes, depending on the thickness of the stems.

Asparagus is traditionally eaten with ham and egg, but they are also delicious in combination with a classic hollandaise sauce or béarnaise sauce. A small pinch of nutmeg should also not be missing. Or what do you think of the recipes below with asparagus?

White asparagus with hazelnut sauce, ham, egg and potatoes

Do you want to cook asparagus the classic way? Then this is a very nice recipe. It is a traditional combination: asparagus, ham and eggs. And not without reason, it tastes fantastic. Especially in combination with the surprising hazelnut sauce.

> to the recipe: white asparagus with hazelnut sauce, ham, egg and baby potatoes

White asparagus with hazelnut sauce, ham, egg and potatoes

Asparagus salad with caramelized goat cheese

It’s not for nothing that this was once the cover recipe of Foodies Taste Spring, because this asparagus salad with caramelized goat cheese is to die for. You can use white asparagus, green asparagus, or both.

> to the recipe: asparagus salad with caramelized goat cheese

asparagus salad

Toast with white asparagus and salmon

You don’t see asparagus on a sandwich very often. A shame, because it is incredibly tasteful and shows that you can do much more with the white gold than the classic combinations we all know. Surprise with Easter brunch with this recipe with asparagus.

> to the recipe: toast with white asparagus and salmon

Toast with white asparagus and salmon

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