This is the best time to kiss someone on a date

When you have a date, it is sometimes difficult to feel how you both feel about it. For example, do you find each other completely and can you already kiss or are you waiting a while? And if it wasn’t difficult enough, you also have to look for the best time to kiss during a date. Because when do you put that kiss in? In the beginning, halfway or just at the end? Read on for the answer to this question.

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Kissing on a date: go or no go?

When you have a date planned, the question is always how it will go. Nevertheless, it is important to think carefully in advance about what you do and do not want. For example, you may not want to kiss at all during a first date or that you prefer to wait for a few more dates with a bed adventure. In the end it’s all about your own feeling and you can therefore decide for yourself how you envision this. And, if your feeling changes during the date, that is of course not a problem at all. As long as you keep listening to your gut, because that is of course the most important thing!

This is the best time to kiss

If you have a date and you feel good about it, you may like a kiss. But when is the best time to take action? That can be quite difficult to sense, because your date may be very different. In most cases, the best time to kiss is towards the end of the date. Plus point: you also have enough time to feel how the other person is doing.

That’s how you handle it

If you think you’re both open to a kiss, make sure the situation is perfect for it. Make sure you get closer naturally and pay close attention to his body language. Did you know that you can tell a man in 12 different ways whether he wants to kiss you or not? Observing the signs closely can give you a little more certainty about the situation. This way you know exactly how the other person is doing without having to spend too many words on it.

If you notice that you are both in for a kiss, we can only say go for it! You will notice that it will loosen up on its own. If you are still in doubt, try to bring up the subject subtly. For example, say that you had a good time on the date and ask if you can kiss your date. This way you can be sure that you are not going beyond his limits. And no is of course also an answer. You have to accept that too. Then the kiss will come naturally.

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