This is how you regain confidence in life when everything goes wrong

Recently I was having a drink with a friend who, like me, has been through a lot. There was quite a lot on her plate and that doesn’t bother anyone. With a sick father you lose your home a bit and you get a lot of worries in return. The confidence in life is a bit lost at such a moment. How do you get that back?

Philosophizing together about how life actually works is very nice. We came to the conclusion that you have to take life as it comes. Everything is anyway mapped out and determined and you can’t change things. So why should we be anxious or always live with a feeling of stress?

Confidence in life

She added: “Life is one big adventure.” The fact that we don’t have to resist life makes me happy. It’s not all necessary. We do it because our minds think they should, but your thoughts are not ‘the truth’.”

It’s time we ‘be’. That we enjoy, especially when life is against us. My father said just before he passed away: make it a good life. I thought that was very beautiful and striking words that have always stayed with me. If I don’t do it for myself, I’ll do it for him! You are only in this world for such a short time and everyone has to deal with loved ones passing away, relationships passing away, illnesses or mental illness. struggles.

These things happen to you without your asking. The art is to live light even in dark times.

1. Think of others

Surely the greatest strength in times of despair is that we ourselves interest in others. Love is the greatest power we can fall back on. Only we have to see love first and of course give it ourselves! If you are kind to someone else, you will get this love back.

2. Get inspired

Be it people, stories, books, podcasts or a walk on the street; get inspired. Look for settings that give you energy. Talk to people who have a positive outlook on life and who don’t give up after one setback.

3. Start your day with a smile

You really don’t have to jump out of bed with a silky smile, but if you wake up with the idea ‘ life is really special heavy right now,” know that it will be all right again. Have faith in life. Get up positively and forget the dark thoughts of yesterday. ‘Ask’ for trust and also ‘get’ trust.

Don’t get caught up in the heaviness of your thoughtsbut also see your day as a blank page, a new opportunity.

4. Know your worth and never settle for less

This applies to your job, to friendships, to love, but also to the challenges you face on a daily basis. Strive for perfection without having to do everything ‘perfectly’. Because that’s the only way to get to know yourself and ‘life’. You really get to choose to be the best version of yourself. Even if it means that someone else likes you less because of it.

5. Everything flows and nothing is forever

Whatever situation you are in, it is temporary. This too will change. The story of your life happens to you… know that every day is different. Filled with fierce things, but also with blissful moments.

6. You don’t get what you can handle

If you’re about to break down and someone comes up with: “You get what you can handle”, then that is terrible to hear. It’s God’s will, you get what you can handle… it doesn’t matter if you feel like you can’t handle it anymore. No one deserves to get sick, die early or be intensely sad. So please ignore this statement.

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This is how you regain confidence in life when everything goes wrong

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