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teaching material bicycle

You may already know that learning and exercise go together. That is the only reason why you can find several moving learning activities on this website. Sometimes learning also needs to be done in the classroom and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet spelling is more than just practicing. You also practice spelling by being aware of what you write. And this bicycle teaching material is suitable for this. To write consciously and take into account the spelling of everything you write.

With this teaching material you write about your design

You have already discovered that there are many different types of bicycles with the word cards about the bicycle. While designing these word cards I kept coming into contact with the different bikes. Something for everyone. But in the meantime we continue to develop. The bicycles from about 100 years ago already show how much has become more modern and advanced over the years and the bicycles are now fully equipped.

Design your own bicycle

To develop a bicycle you not only need an idea, but much more is needed. In addition to a nice sketch, you must also describe how your design should come to an end product. And that’s where the spelling activity comes in!

Download lesson material bicycle

For this design and writing session you need the download below:

Guidance during this activity

I can give the following tips for this activity:

  • Make the children aware that spelling is important to others. Someone should be able to read exactly how you put the bike together. Therefore, let the children write a trial version first. Provide feedback on the words that are misspelled and the spelling category provided. Then have the children write the final version.
  • When you work with Steel, it is good to stimulate writing down the spelling category.

–> View the collection page here with all the teaching materials and teaching tips about the bicycle.

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