This is how you make your favorite coffee perfect

Do you prefer to drink your cup of coffee black, an americano or a doppio espresso? Or would you prefer to enjoy a cappuccino or flat white? Whatever it is, you want it perfect. To your taste. Without mess, and without hassle. With the right amount of coffee and milk. And if possible in the blink of an eye, while you’re still rubbing the sleep from your eyelashes in the morning. It is possible, with the new fully automatic coffee machine from WMF, the WMF Perfection.

We have to admit that we regularly get a cup of coffee around the corner from our favorite barista, but when you walk out of the shower in your slippers and make your first coffee, it shouldn’t taste any less. If possible, just as good, or even better. As far as we are concerned, coffee should be a moment of enjoyment. We searched online for the coffee machine that could meet our list of requirements. A cinch and so squeaky? Certainly not, there are quite a few choices between different coffee splendors and splendors, but we succeeded: we let our eye fall on the WMF Perfection 800 series. And that is not just…

#1 Personalized tasty

You can save no less than 16 profiles with this coffee machine, so you don’t have to worry about which grind and with which amount of water and milk your partner drinks his coffee. Or your roommate, or the neighbor who comes for a coffee twice a week. And don’t forget yourself: by entering your flavor into the machine once, the WMF Perfection then exactly what you want. Could you wish for a better roommate? Ha, exactly, we thought too.

#2 Cleaning is a breeze

You already have enough work on the sweet slobs in the house and you don’t want to spend hours on a much-needed maintenance of your coffee machine. This machine has an automatic cleaning program that cleans your machine from top to bottom, including the milk system that you can easily clean without chemicals. Get yourself a patch over the outside – bet you’ll finish faster than the machine inside? Yes, you win.

#3 The eye wants something…

In a slick kitchen, your coffee machine should not be an eyesore. Woman that we are, we went looking for a smart design with pizzazz. And yes, we found it, in this WMF fully automatic coffee machine that has great LED lighting as an added bonus. Tell yourself, he can be there right?

#4 Quietly (go) on

Do you always tiptoe out of the house because you’re afraid you’ll wake someone up? Feel free to grab a cup of coffee, because the WMF Perfection makes almost no sound. The late risers in the house can still turn around, while you as early bird enjoy a cup of coffee. Nice!

Reliable brand

When we were recently in our favorite coffee shop, we saw that they also serve their coffee from a WMF Professional machine. We asked about it and they said that they have enjoyed it for many years and have always worked with this brand. What we didn’t know is that WMF has been around since 1853 and has won many awards. They continue to innovate and are internationally established. Now with the first fully automatic machine for home use. No design that doesn’t go over the counter at WMF. In fact, besides coffee machines, WMF has much more that will make your kitchen happy.

In short… So enjoy with the WMF Perfection, in many ways – exactly what we feel like, exactly what the coming year deserves. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a little extra convenience can be a little extra that brings a smile to your face. And that every day.

Action! Until the end of December you will receive with the purchase of the WMF Perfection fully automatic six months (6kg) of Aroma Club coffee beans worth €141 as a gift! Read all about the action here

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