this is how you make your balcony summer ready

We can hardly believe it, but summer is here around the corner. Is your balcony still in winter mode and is it anything but inviting to drink a cup of coffee or wine here? Time for a balcony transformation. You can prepare your balcony for the summer in these five ways.

prepare the balcony for summer

1. Brush up

The least fun part of the renovation: cleaning your balcony. All that dirty deposit, leaves, twigs and small debris must be put aside. Grab a broom and some soapy water, because you’re going to clean!

2. Paint

There is a good chance that there are a number of pieces of furniture on your balcony – depending on the size. A picnic bench, small lounge bench, pallet bench or table: it can all be freshly painted. With Sikkens Rubbol XD High Gloss this job is done in no time. Breathe new life into your outdoor furniture with a durable high-gloss lacquer based on turpentine. That way everything is neat again.

3. Green fingers

A Pinterest-worthy balcony not only contains stones and furniture, you will also find a lot of greenery here. Remove all dead plants and flowers from your balcony and plan a trip to a garden center. Fill your balcony with lots of plants and colored flowers to breathe new life into it. Do you think this will look good?

4. Balcony mood light

We can’t say it often enough: light is so important. By decorating your balcony with stinging light, small mood lights and hanging lamps, you create a very cozy effect. You will see that a simple string of lights can work wonders. How cozy is it to enjoy a book or a glass of wine on your balcony in the evening, while the mood lights are on?

5. Dotting the i

Now that we have tackled the furniture, light and greenery on our balcony, it is time to dot the i’s and cross the i’s. With the right decoration you can make your balcony that little bit more complete. For example, choose an outdoor rug, a number of cozy cushions and possibly a wall cloth. This will really make you want to spend all day on your balcony. Chances are your girlfriends can’t be beaten away from your balcony 😉

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