This is how you compare your health insurance

If you’re looking for the best health insurance policy for you, you’ve probably encountered a few obstacles. Comparing health insurance is not easy. You can apply it to your own needs as much as you want. That is why it is important that you know what needs these are prior to the search. With these three steps you will be well on your way.

Step 1: How much deductible?

First of all, it is good to think about your own risk. It is legally required to have an excess of € 385 with a basic package. This means that if you need care, you must first reimburse 385 euros yourself and the rest will be reimbursed by your insurance. You can also voluntarily increase the deductible. Now you are probably wondering what benefits this will have. Your health insurer can give a discount on your monthly premium because of this.

Step 2: Which additional coverages

The deductible of 385 euros is therefore mandatory, but that also applies to basic insurance. You must therefore have basic insurance that includes emergency care, hospital, general practitioner and psychiatrist. But of course you can also choose to add additional coverage. So think carefully about the care you need. For fanatical athletes, for example, physiotherapy can be useful for injuries.

Step 3: Compare the price and coverage

The basic package has the same price with every health insurance policy. However, this is not the case with supplementary insurance policies. That is why you should carefully compare all the prices of the health insurers. In addition, comparing the coverages is also a good idea. If you can’t figure it out, you can always use a handy website for comparing health insurance policies. Then you can see at a glance what the health insurers have to offer.

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