This is how you choose the right dining room chair

Your new dining room is almost finished and this means that you can start decorating it. You have already selected a nice table and you know how you want to decorate the room, but you are not quite sure which dining room chairs you want. They must of course look beautiful and match the atmosphere of the room, but at the same time you also want them to sit comfortably. Fortunately, there are many different options. However, this can also be a bit overwhelming, because when do you choose the right seats? That is why it is good to take these practical guidelines into account.

Dining room chair, the art of living

Table as a starting point

First of all, the dimensions and shape of the table are decisive for choosing dining room chairs. It is important that the ratio between the table and the number of chairs is always in balance. Do not choose too many chairs, but certainly not too few. The space around the table also influences the choice of suitable dining room chairs. You must have enough space to slide your chair back when you want to sit down or get up. That’s why it’s nice to know that you can count on at least 60 centimeters for this.

Comfortable seats

How comfortable should the chair be? That’s the next thing to ask yourself. These choices not only influence the appearance of the room, but also determine the seating comfort. You understand that soft corduroy dining room chairs are much more comfortable than a chair with an iron seat. To determine this, it is good to check which functions the dining area must fulfill. For example, do you opt for a chair with armrests, a solid wooden chair or do you choose plastic dining room chairs?

The maintenance

Another thing that you should definitely take into account when choosing dining room chairs is the maintenance of the chair. Perhaps that one wooden chair needs to be treated with a certain product or that one fabric appears to wear out faster than the other. It could also just happen that food or drink ends up on the chair and how do you easily remove the stains caused by this? Probably easier with a plastic chair than if you opt for a chair with leather upholstery. By taking this into account in advance, you prevent unpleasant surprises.

Unique options

Do you think you have found the ideal dining room chair, but your partner does not fully agree? Then choose to mix different chairs with each other. It offers the possibility to reflect both your living wishes in the dining room and to combine different comfort levels. Go for completely different chairs or choose a set with chairs in different colors, it will invite you to be creative. In addition, you could of course also opt for a bench. This not only looks beautiful, but it also saves space.

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