These tips really work against itchy mosquito bites

While everyone loves warm temperatures and long days, certain little critters can still throw a spanner in the works. We are of course talking about mosquitoes. Are you also completely leaked? Do you itch in places you didn’t know you had? Then you will soon feel that you have to accept this fate. You can scratch endlessly, but the itch only seems to get worse. But trust us, there are ways to get through your days itch-free again. These 6 tips against itching from mosquito bites really work!

1. Cooling

Use a bag of frozen peas, some crushed ice, or another cold compress. Cold temperatures reduce inflammation and swelling, and they also numb the skin. This sedation works perfectly for the short term and unfortunately does not last very long. However, repetition and prolonged cooling will reduce your mosquito bites.

2. Honey

This sweet sticky substance has been used by people for centuries to treat ailments from sore throats to bruises and wounds. You can also use it against itchy mosquito bites, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect quickly reduce the itching. A drop of honey on your mosquito bite also ensures that you can resist the temptation to scratch.

itching mosquito bites mosquitoes honey

3. Aloe vera

These beautiful plants, which you see in many households, offer more than just decoration. The content of this plant has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. This combination is good to use against itchy mosquito bites.

4. Baking soda (baking soda)

A substance that you will find in practically every household, you can use for endless things. Reducing the itch of a mosquito bite is one of them. You can easily make an anti-itch remedy out of it. Mix a generous scoop of baking soda with just enough water, then apply it to your skin like a scrub. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse the mosquito bite clean again.

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5. Vaporub/Dampo

That stuff your mom used to smear on your chest for a cold turns out to work very well against itching too! As soon as you put it on your mosquito bites, you will notice a cooling effect. You will no longer feel the itch. Another nice extra to this product is that the strong smell also keeps potential stinging mosquitoes away!

6. Oatmeal

The product that you normally take for breakfast every morning turns out to be useful for many more things! Oatmeal has certain anti-irritant properties. This will reduce the annoying feeling of itchy mosquito bites. How do you use it? Put equal parts oatmeal and water in a small bowl, stir it together and hold it against your mosquito bites with a washcloth. Do this for about 10 minutes and then clean your skin again.

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