These hairstyles and hair colors suit a round face

These hairstyles and hair colors suit a round face
These hairstyles and hair colors suit a round face. Photo Charlotte Mesman

Do you have a round face? Super! Because it is precisely those curves that give it one young appearance that you will keep for a long time. Volume loss – which is simply part of the aging process – will be less visible in you than in a skinny face with harder features. So be happy with those soft curves. If you want to take something off or create some tougher features, do so with hairstyles and hair colors that suit a round face. We have some tips for you.

The secret to an optically slimmer face

Hair tips and hair colors
These hairstyles and hair colors suit a round face. Photo Charlotte Mesman

The secret to making your face look slimmer is very simple: create sharper lines with the help of shadow (it’s like contouring!) and work lengthwise making your face appear more oval and longer. So it’s not just a matter of the right one haircutbut also from hair styling and even from hair colors.

These hairstyles suit a round face

Hair tips and hair colors
Hair tips and hair colors. Photo Charlotte Mesman

So it’s about the illusion of one longer face to create. You can do that with haircuts that volume on top of your head to create. Think of hairstyles with layers on top of the head. You can also go for a haircut with longer layers where the emphasis should always be on volume on top of your head or in the ends of your hair. Longer layers balance the curves of your face while shorter layers accentuate its curves. For example, think of longer shags.

TO AVOID: But avoid any hairstyles – even layered ones – that have volume on either side of your face (conversely, if you have a long face, volume around your face is flattering). Also avoid haircuts with too short or too long hair length. Not done: a bob haircut on the jawline.

These hairstyles and hair colors suit a curvy face
These hairstyles and hair colors suit a curvy face. Photo Charlotte Mesman

VERY FLATTERY: a long bob (lob) that falls below your jawline – say to or just above your shoulders.

Hair bangs or not?

Well-chosen hair bangs can also do a lot for a round face. Go for one side bangs that brings a sharp and asymmetrical element to your face. Also a razor-sharp bangs creates a decided, if you will, hard line in your face that draws attention away from the curves. Whatever you do, keep the bangs short and further away from your eyes.

The hair styling

There are a number of hairstyles that flatter a full face. One of them is the high ponytail because it works in length. The same goes for one topknot. You can further enhance the height effect with a scrunchie or a big bow according to the latest hair trends.

Also hairstyles with a side part work well because they break up the curves. Go for a sharp separation. Sharp lines work well on a face with soft curves. You can also work with volume on top of your head or in the hair ends (for example a nice curl or wave). Process your hair with a curling iron or use a volumizing mousse to create body in your hair.

Movement without too much volume works for you
Movement without too much volume works for you. Photo Charlotte Mesman

TO AVOID: Hair styling with super-straight hair that lays smooth and flat on your head as it brings out the curves of your face.

What does work is long straight locks of hair that fall over your face on either side like a long curtain. Or sultry waves that add movement but no volume. Totally a hit for your type of face are tendrils, that hair trend with those loose hair strands around your face.

The right hair colors

To make a curvy face appear smaller, it is better to avoid ‘solid’ hair colors. Rather go ahead highlights or low lights that add depth to your hair and draw attention away from the curves of your face. You can also for one color block but in two different shades of the same color to give your hair more dimension.

Your hair around your face is fine darker and create a shadow to make your face appear slimmer. A rule of thumb: hair colors with a cold undertone make round faces optically slimmer, warm colors add volume.

Light hair ends draw attention away from your face.
Light hair ends draw attention away from your face. Photo Charlotte Mesman

Another rule of thumb: if you have a full-figured face, keep your hair at the roots (hair roots) a bit darker and go for lighter hair ends. This makes you work in length (and that was exactly the trick to make your type of face look slimmer and longer).

TO AVOID: hair colors that are too light because they make your face look wider.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories can help divert attention from your face. Think of a diadem with sparkling stones or statement hairpins.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to balance out the curves and volume of the face to make it look its best.

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