These dupes from designer brands are in stores now

The dupes are flying around us, but it is not only in the beauty world that many affordable variants of more expensive items are made. In fashion too, we think we occasionally recognize the designs of designers in cheaper fashion chains.

This way you can look completely stylish without having to spend a fortune.

Source of inspiration or outright counterfeit?

As much as we would like them, the beautiful, original designs that we were able to admire during the past Fashion Weeks are unfortunately quite priceless. Where we manage to collect one of the items on our wishlist with a lot of passion – and sometimes pain and effort – there are also people who don’t have to think long about such an expense. For fashion lovers who, like us, do not have that much to spend on the most beautiful designer clothes, we have a hint: many clothes are copied straight from the catwalk into – sometimes very – recognizable dupes. These caught our eye:

1. Dupe by Coperni – Pull & Bear, boat neck dress €35.99

The dress of Spring Summer 2023, which no one could stop talking about, can of course be made yourself with a large white can of paint. For those who prefer not to work with chemicals, the very affordable dupe is available at the Pull & Bear. We see almost no difference.

Pull and Bear dupe from Coperni

2. Dupe by Stella McCartney – Zara strapless jumpsuit, €45.95

A good example of how getting inspiration from something doesn’t have to be copying. With the cargo pockets and other colors, Zara has given it a cool twist girly jumpsuit by Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney jumpsuit
Zara Corset jumpsuit

3. Dupe by Acne Studios – Mango Ladder Effect Knit Top and Skirt, €45.99

The cool Acne Studios is also a firm favorite for inspiration for many fashion chains. Not only the fabric and color of their designs are imitated by many – also the edgy ladders that she created in their designs can be found everywhere.

Skirt and top with ladders from Mango

4. Dupe by Taller Marmo – Zara Fringed Mesh Cape £69.95

Taller Marmo dupe from Zara

5. Dupe van Dries van Noten – Zara floral prints with ruffles, €32.95

Zara’s flower combinations are suspiciously similar to the handsome, colorful combinations that were made at the show of Dries van Noten’s summer collection.

Zara floral blouse with ruffles

6. Dupe by Alaïa – Zara, heart-shaped shoulder bag, €39.95

Alaïa, the designer of Rihanna’s Superbowl outfit, is not only loved for his timeless elegant designs, but also for his artful bags. Alaïa’s adorable glittery love bag retails for roughly $2220, but if you want to be able to take the bag to a party or festival without any worries, you better pay a visit to Zara for an affordable dupe.

Alaia victim of Zara

7. Dupe by Ermanno Scervino – Mango, Lingerie Dress with Taxi Flowers, €69.99

We can already see ourselves appearing at a summer party in this cute, yet sexy dress by Mango. Or should we say ‘the brunt of Ermanno Scervino’…

Mini dress with flowers from Mango

This dupe of the Coperni it-bag is flying over the counter

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To have! These are the most beautiful dupes from designer brands in stores right now

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