These Are The Best Gaming Headsets April 2023

Looking for the right gaming headset? Then it’s worth taking a look at the best gaming headsets of 2022. Just for the research and to know what’s on the market. Do you want to start the new year with quality, or are you looking for a budget version that gives you everything you need? Then take a look at these gaming headsets that made it in 2022.

The best gaming headsets of 2022

It differs per person what someone classifies as a good gaming headset. Of course, it depends first of all on which game you use it for, what your budget is and what you see under user-friendliness. We therefore provide an overview of gaming headsets in different shapes and sizes. There is always one that suits you.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless X

This gaming headset is definitely number 1, mainly because of the sound quality. This scores so high that you have a big advantage over your opponents, because you can perceive all ambient sounds. In addition, the ear cups have been developed in such a way that you will not suffer from your ears even with prolonged use and it is – as the title suggests – wireless.

Steel Series Arctis Nova Pro

The brother of the gaming headset mentioned above gets a slightly lesser rating, purely due to the fact that this gaming headset is not wireless. It also offers the same qualities as the set mentioned above.

Headsets from Logitech

We do not want to zoom in too much on one specific set of Logitec gaming headsets, because all headsets from this brand are actually phenomenal. Are you starting out in gaming and do you want a good set, without having to pay the main price immediately? Then take a look at these sets. There is always one that fits your budget.

JBL Quantum 18 Wireless

JBL is a brand that is praised for its high sound quality anyway, not only in the field of gaming headsets. This version should certainly not be missing from the list. The 50mm driver allows you to enjoy a deep bass, making it a pleasure to listen to all gaming sounds. Thanks to the surround sound, you can hear everything in the game very well.

For a complete overview, be sure to take a look at the overview page of Mediamarkt. There is always a gaming headset that exactly suits your budget and preferences.

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