These are the best beds of 2023

A good night’s sleep is very important. Studies show that most people get enough sleep, an average of nine hours and twelve minutes. However, the research shows that people are not satisfied with the quality of their sleep. Many people wake up one or more times during the night.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to improve sleep quality. For example, it is important that your bedroom is dark and has the right temperature (around eighteen degrees). It is also advisable to stop using screens at least an hour before going to sleep.

High-quality bedroom furniture also promotes good sleep. You improve your sleeping comfort if you have the right bedroom furniture. By this we mean that you have a pillow that is comfortable and provides sufficient support for your neck. In addition, it is nice to have a duvet that matches the season and provides sufficient warmth without you sweating in bed. After all, your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom that ensures that you wake up rested in the morning.

Types of beds

There are several types of beds for sale, with a wide choice for every part of the bed. It is therefore useful to carefully consider your preference in advance, so that you know which bed suits your needs. All beds have a bed frame, the border around the bed. You can choose from a wooden bed frame, a metal bed frame and a fabric bed frame. You can choose from a slatted base, a mesh base and a box spring for the bottom of your bed. Finally, you can choose from several mattresses. Each mattress has different properties and benefits. As you read, choosing the perfect bed is quite difficult. To help you with this, we have listed the best beds of 2023 for you. With our tips you are guaranteed a good quality bed and you will sleep like a rose every night!

Types of beds

These are the best beds of 2023

The consumer association recently conducted a mattress test. This test showed that the Emma O2 mattress was tested as the best.

Emma O2 mattress

This mattress is made of several types of foam and consists of three layers. These layers are firm and pressure-reducing because there are more than a hundred support points in the mattress. The outer cover is moisture-regulating.

Lidl mattress

Even if you have a little less to spend, you can buy a good mattress. Lidl’s Meradiso mattress is proof of that. This mattress consists of seven layers of cold foam. At the part of your shoulders, the mattress is slightly softer so that you can also lie comfortably on your side. There is a climate band in the middle of the mattress. This band provides good ventilation. The cover has a zipper, so you can easily wash it at sixty degrees.

Flanny from Olympic life

If you are looking for a box spring, the Flanny from Olympic life is a good choice. This luxury box spring has a trendy look and is made of high quality wood. A plus point is that this box spring provides good back support, making this box spring ideal for people with back problems.

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