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It’s April 1 again. That means that there are plenty of fun inhakers to be found on social media. View our TechGirl top picks and the full overview of April 1, 2023 jokes here!

What do we celebrate April 1?

April 1, also known as April Fools’ Day, is an annual holiday, but what are we actually celebrating? The origin of April 1 is not entirely clear. It’s a ‘holiday’, but there isn’t really anything to celebrate. However, it is a day when you can / can fool others. Made-up stories, fake news, fake gifts and other funny pranks are reviewed. And companies and institutions are only too happy to participate in this.

April 1, 2023 social media hackers

Every year we keep an overview of the best April 1 jokes on social media. What do pizza and lube have in common? A lot, it turns out. And there is much more. Below you will find the list, which we will update throughout the day!

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Smart saving assistant Yamuda

Coolblue comes with Yamuda, the smart saving assistant in the Coolblue app. With Yamuda, a corruption of the pronunciation je-mother, saving becomes a breeze. She’s really strict. Be sure to watch the funny video below.

The dessert you’ve been waiting for all your life

Zuivelhoeve introduces the Boer’n yoghurt®️ Pornstar Martini. Honestly? We’d like to taste it! We hope that this is not an April 1, 2023 inhaker, but that it will really be on the shelves soon.

An adaptable romper… for adults

Hema has very nice grow-along rompers for babies. Especially the first year, a baby grows everywhere no time out, so Hema came up with the grow-along romper. And now there’s one for adults too! Because ‘it’s so comfortable’. Good marketing for their grow-along rompers, this. And although it is now an April 1 joke, quite serious reactions are coming in under the Instagram post. Especially from people who have an interest in larger onesies that grow with them, such as for children with a disability.

A maternity package for men

Heltiq comes with a ‘maternity package for men’, with skin oil, disposable washcloths, puffiness cream, checklist: ‘What do I need to arrange after giving birth’ and a ‘you or me’ baby duty dice. You can pre-order it now by leaving your email address (via De Online Drogist), you pay afterwards and they are only available after April 17.

Efeling renews an iconic attraction

Carnival Festival, you know – that earwig song attraction is getting an update. And not the attraction itself, but the song. To do this, Efteling works together with DJ duo Lucas & Steve. The result? A modern upgrade that fits perfectly with the smooth life we ​​have in 2023. Also fun for the kids. Watch the video for yourself!

Wilhelmina peppermint tea

The classic among peppermints: Wilhelmina. How nice that they are now coming up with something new just before April 1; peppermint tea. Would it taste? This can’t be anything but a joke, although it’s not a crazy idea.

licorice paste

Venco now comes with licorice paste for true licorice lovers. Would it taste…? We doubt it. Fortunately, it looks like an April 1 inhaker.

Mouse for your cat

At the time of writing, Vitakraft has not one, but two social media hackers. Those that are related, yes. On Facebook you can find posts for cats that are ‘too lazy to catch a mouse’. For example, Vitakraft now offers mouse-flavored Cat Yums. How do they make these? That, too, is an inhaker: they offer a mouse-trap kit, and those mice are used to produce the mouse-flavored Cat Yums. Lucky for all mouse lovers/animal lovers; this looks like an april fools joke.

A mask for screaming parents

Duinrell comes with the Nonsans: the mask for screaming parents. For when you’re on the roller coaster and you’re ashamed of your screaming mom or dad.

Email marketing, but personal

The company Reloadify comes with a big message. They are a software supplier for e-mail marketing, but from April they want to deliver newsletters personally. Delivery dog ​​Robin is allowed to deliver the newsletters. And oh yes – it comes with a delivery guarantee. If the recipient is not at home, they will return again and again until they can deliver the newsletter. In this way they bring the personal touch that they have always strived for, says CEO Lukas.

Lubricant with very special flavors

New York Pizza and EasyToys have been working on a couple of joint products: ‘New York Pizza flavored’ lubricant. There is a Pepperoni, Cinnamon Bread and BBQ chicken variant. Don’t call us.

Is it a doughnut? Is it pizza?

Dunkin’ Donuts comes with a pizza donut: the Dunkin’ Pizza. But with donut dough. For when you don’t feel like a classic donut. It sounds pretty good in itself? Pizza is always a good idea. Dunkin’, we love to review the pizza donut.

A collection and delivery service for the gym

SportCity comes with the SportTaxi. For those who want to exercise, but don’t feel like going to the gym. I must admit: gap in the market, you know. Does it also come with a personal motivation coach? I’m asking this for a friend.

Life size cards to send

This is super cool, actually! Greetz comes with ‘life size cards’. You almost want it to be real. Or is Greetz secretly doing a little research into the question with this April 1 inhaker?

Razer comes with its own shaving system

The Razer Razer: Razer Razer—the world’s first shaving mouse powered by Razer Chroma RGB. Get out of the hairiest situations with an ultra-clean shave that brings out your A-game’.

A bicycle that changes color

Van Raam comes with a bicycle that you can change color yourself, simply via a display on your bicycle. We quote: ‘With the new revolutionary Easy Color Ink technology from Van Raam it is possible to change the color of the frame of the Easy Rider Compact tricycle while cycling. By means of millions of microcapsules and electrical signals, the bicycle can change color or print at any time. Users of the Easy Rider Compact will soon be able to experience this unique and personal cycling experience.’ See how it works? Watch the video below!

Park for a while? Pop behind the wheel

This way you do not see that the car is empty and you avoid parking fines. Says Flitsmeister, who comes up with this brilliant idea. Uh, April Fool’s joke.

Cats at customs

If it is up to Dutch Customs, they will not only have sniffer dogs in operation from today, but also sniffer cats. Miauw! 🐱 This seems like a successful April 1 inhaker.

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