these 10 tips will help you quickly against greasy hair

There is nothing more annoying than greasy hair. Washing your hair daily has just become a ritual and it usually doesn’t make you very happy.

Here you will discover what the cause of your oily hair is and with the help of our tips you will quickly get rid of your oily hair!

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A common problem: greasy hair

While greasy hair doesn’t mean you’re unkempt or unhygienic, it’s just not pleasant. It looks like you haven’t washed your hair in days and you can see it shining from afar. Sometimes your hair even feels a bit sticky. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent greasy hair.

But first, let’s tell you how oily hair is formed.

How does oily hair arise?

Oily hair actually has nothing to do with being well-groomed or unkempt. There is a hair follicle at the top of each hanging string. This is so small you can’t even see it. There are sebaceous glands in each hair follicle.

Those glands produce sebum that protects your body from bacteria and infections.

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Only when those sebaceous glands secrete too much sebum will you suffer from an oily scalp or greasy hair. In some people, too much sebum even causes skin flakes, which is also called (oily) dandruff.

The causes of oily hair

Oily hair is therefore caused by excess sebum production, but why do your sebaceous glands produce too much sebum? Let’s list some possible causes:

  • No good care products
  • Genes
  • Washing hair too often
  • Hair type
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • stress
  • Running your hands through your hair too much
  • Changes in your hormones, such as your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, puberty or menopause
  • Warm weather conditions
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Tips against greasy hair

With greasy hair you don’t really look fresh for the day. And washing your hair every day is not the right solution at all. It is precisely the intention that you counteract that excess sebum production.

Below we give some tips to produce less sebum. If you apply our tips, you will undoubtedly see results after a week!

1. Wash your hair with cold water

Have you ever noticed that you have greasy hair faster during the summer than during the winter? Well, that’s because warm temperatures cause you to produce more sebum. The same thing happens with hot water.

Therefore, wash your hair with less hot or even cold water. This way you produce less sebum and your hair automatically becomes greasy less quickly.

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2. Use less shampoo

Less is more! And so is the amount of shampoo you use and the times you shampoo your hair. Because every time you shampoo your hair, you cleanse your scalp and sebum disappears.

This causes your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and you get greasy hair again.

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Tip for shampoo use: Using less shampoo and washing your hair a maximum of 3 times a week is the message!

3. Use the invention of the century: dry shampoo!

Now you may be thinking: but if I have oily hair, should I wash it? No! That’s what dry shampoo is for, a great invention for people who get greasy hair quickly. You spray the “shampoo” on your dry hair and rub it out with a towel.

In 1 minute your hair will look freshly washed.

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Keep an eye on: dry shampoo also provides extra sebum production. So don’t use it too often.

4. Leave your hair dryer or hair straightener in the closet

While your hair dryer, straightener and curling iron dry out the ends of your hair, the styling devices make your scalp oily faster. The reason for this is again: heat!

When you think of curls, think specifically of heatless curls!

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It is therefore best to avoid using a hair dryer, curling or straightening iron. Do you still want to give your hair a cool look? Set the temperature of the device as low as possible to prevent greasy hair.

5. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is important for all functions of our body and therefore also to prevent greasy hair. If you drink a lot of water, your scalp will be hydrated, so your sebaceous glands will produce less sebum.

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6. Eat healthy

Eating greasy foods can make your hair greasy faster. But don’t panic! Of course you can still eat fats. Just choose (tasty) healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, salmon or peanut butter.

This prevents greasy hair and nourishes your body in a healthy way.

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Does your hair get greasy quickly? Then definitely stay away from that bag of chips!

7. Get a good night’s sleep

Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is a good start to avoid oily hair. In addition, a good night’s sleep is very important. Try to sleep for at least 8 hours.

This will allow you to better control your stress level, so that your hair will become greasy less quickly.

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8. Stay off your hair!

As difficult as it is for many, touch your hair as little as possible. That wonderful fidgeting or massaging through your freshly washed hair is unfortunately not the way to keep it fresh. This gives the sebaceous glands incentives to produce more sebum and you just don’t want this.

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If you find it really difficult to keep your hair off, it’s better to put it in a bun or ponytail. That way you keep it easier.

9. Control your stress level

Stress is good for nothing and also not to keep your hair fresh. When you start to stress, you stimulate sebum production on your scalp.

Therefore, ensure a healthy lifestyle and a good night’s sleep so that you can control your stress.

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10. Avoid styling products

You might love the existence of styling products. Think of hairspray, a mousse for more volume or hair gel to hold a tight haircut.

But you can guess right? All those hair products unfortunately ensure that you get greasy hair faster. So you better say goodbye to it.

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Useful products against oily hair

Even though hair styling products such as ‘volume mousse’ claim to make your hair look better, don’t believe everything. They just cause greasy hair or make your hair look greasy. It’s a good idea though the right care products to use.

Here you will find a number of nourishing hair products that prevent greasy hair and also make your hair healthier:

3. Dry shampoo

3. Dry shampoo

Is your hair greasy again after a day? Postpone washing for a while to avoid extra sebum production, but use a good dry shampoo. Your hair looks freshly washed after 1 minute and it also gives your hair extra volume. Moreover, this dry shampoo smells delicious.

Your greasy hair tips?

We are very curious about which tips and hair products work best for you to prevent greasy hair.

Let us know a comment below!

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