These 10 signs indicate that your breakup was not a good idea

You just broke up with your lover, but after a while you realize that this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Did you make a mistake or just feel guilty somewhere that you left him or her? We explain what to do in this situation.

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Why do we regret a break up?

A break up is never easy. You may regret afterwards, but remember that there is always a reason why you broke up. But what if you break up knowing that there is an opportunity to work things out? Because maybe it’s not the lack of chemistry, but the lack of trying to fix things. You know you’re sorry when you keep thinking “what if?” What if you tried harder? What if you had given it another chance? Unfortunately, one of the effects after a breakup is that you can be quite confused as to whether you are sorry or just plain sad.

1. You constantly think about that person

It’s normal to think about them in the first few days after a breakup and be a little emotional. You probably think about every little detail that went wrong. But if months go by, it’s a sign that you might really want this relationship back. If you’ve tried all sorts of ways to get over the relationship, chances are you regret breaking up with them.

2. You feel empty without that person

We meet people in our lives who touch us just a little deeper. They touch us so deeply that we think we can’t live without them. If this is the case, then it is logical that it is difficult to imagine that you can get such a bond with someone else. Remember that there is always a reason you broke up. But if you really think your ex completes you, there might be something special between the two of you. Think carefully about this before texting him or her again.

3. You still see/talk often

If your ex is there for you in a way no one else is, you may have been too hasty to end the relationship. If you can still build on each other and trust each other, it’s honestly not such a surprise that you have regrets.

4. You would still do anything for him or her

A dramatic example, but imagine your ex calling and telling you to leave the country. Would you go then? Would you spend your very last penny on him or her and drop everything for the other person? If you know you would, then you probably also know that you probably made the wrong decision.

5. You are happiest with him or her

Since it’s over, you’re not yourself anymore. Even if you meet someone new, they can’t make you as happy as your ex did. If you feel that way about someone, maybe you can try to get your ex-partner back. Happiness is very important, but remember that you don’t necessarily need someone to make you happy.

6. You think you’re late

When your stomach is in a knot because deep down you know you miss your ex. Then you already have the answer. Your heart tells you that you made a mistake. You are sad about the fact that you broke up and you want this relationship back. Unfortunately, you chose to break up with her yourself. If you feel this pain, it is a sign of regret.

7. You miss even the less fun moments

If you also miss the less fun moments, then you already know that you miss them. You realize that everything is missing from that person. The beautiful sides, but also the less beautiful ones. Maybe it’s time to give the relationship a second chance.

8. You long for a second chance

You constantly think about how things could be done differently, then it’s time to see what you can work on. If you regret breaking up, reverse what you did and try to get back! Even if it is ‘too late’.

9. You keep the memories

It is clear that you miss him/her when months have passed and you are still looking at your memories. You want to get back with your ex-partner, but all you have are those memories. Maybe it’s time to send a message?

10. Your actions speak louder than your words

You may say that you don’t miss the other person, but you think about him or her all the time and unconsciously you try to get the relationship back. The answer is already clear, you miss your ex.

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