The speakeasy bars of Amsterdam for the tastiest cocktails

They became popular in no time in the early 10s: speakeasy bars. The locations of these cocktail bars are difficult to find; once you have found one, you must be lucky enough to actually get in. There are now several more accessible speakeasy bars in Amsterdam, which we have of course listed for you.

Brace yourself for mysterious places with the tastiest cocktails and – in some cases – also tasty bites.

The speakeasy bars of Amsterdam for the tastiest cocktails

During the American Prohibition in the 1920s, bars were hidden behind mysterious doors, because drinking alcohol was often prohibited. To disguise the taste of industrial alcohol, bartenders used lemonade and fruits in their drinks during Prohibition. It marked the birth of the cocktail.

The exciting thing was then mainly in the fact that the speakeasys were supplied with alcohol by an illegal circuit of drink smugglers. Today’s speakeasys may be less mysterious in that sense, but the concept has remained the same. The locations are difficult to find, you usually have to make a reservation via e-mail or leave a voicemail to get in, the drinks flow freely and the atmosphere exudes the nostalgia of the classic 1920s.

By 74

Probably the most famous in Amsterdam and certainly the first in the Netherlands: Door 74. The first years were a great mystery, because how did you get in? There is now the option to book online. Cocktails of high quality and of course also come with a price tag.

Reguliersdwarsstraat 74


We come here anyway for the unparalleled sandwiches, but less well known is Paindemie’s cocktail bar. You get automatic vibes on the ground floor, but anything but in the cocktail bar. Dimmed light, mirrors on the ceiling and not to forget: delicious bites to go with it.

Kinkerstraat 112

Zum Barbarossa

Mirrored walls are also available at Zum Barbarossa, the sultry cocktail bar in the middle of the Centre. The bar takes its name from the location that housed a bar with the same name more than 100 years ago. It was closed at the time due to illegal practices. The cocktail bar is now thriving like never before, including bites from The Seafood Bar – coincidentally owned by the same owner.

Footbow street 1


In the same style as the aforementioned speakeasys, we also find Hachi in Amsterdam. With the slogan ‘Be Hachi, be happy’ we can only expect a little more accessibility. But still: dimmed lights, tasty cocktails and bonus points: there is also dancing.

Albert Cuypstraat 18

Bar Oldenhof

Bar Oldenhof is of a different caliber – namely a traditional one. With only seats, knowledgeable staff and an old-school jazz club vibe, the interior has a lot to offer velvet and dark wood. Bar Oldenhof has signature cocktails and a doorbell for an exclusive entrance.

Elandsgracht 84

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The speakeasy bars of Amsterdam for the tastiest cocktails

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