The oldest wine route in France is 70 years old!

Alsace, or Alsace in French, is a region in the northeast of the country, against the German border. You may know it from the characteristic half-timbered houses, but what the area is also known for – perhaps much more interesting – is the 170 km long wine route that runs through it from north to south. The so-called Route des vins d’Alsace has now been in existence for 70 years, and that should be celebrated.

The oldest wine route in France

…in other words La route des vins d’Alsace, exists 70 years this year. This wine route is 170 kilometers long and runs through the region from the northern village of Marlenheim to the southernmost village of Thann.

Wine festival

And to celebrate the longevity of the route, a wine festival will be organized every Sunday from 23 April to 30 July 2023 between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. in a vineyard belonging to one of the more than 100 participating producers. Various workshops and tastings take place, so you get to know the region and their winemakers well. The route can be followed by both car and bicycle. An overview of the locations of the festivals can be found on Tickets for the festivals cost € 5 per person and can be booked here.

Holidays in Alsace

Such a visit to the oldest wine route in France is a good excuse to make a long weekend or midweek of it. From Utrecht you can reach Strasbourg by car within 6 hours. And did you know that Alsace is the third sunniest region in France and has the most star restaurants in the country? All the more reason to plan a trip!

Wines from Alsace

Alsace might have a German feel to it, with typical houses and flammkuchen all over the menu. This is because the area has changed hands several times in history. The Alsatians themselves prefer to call their region unique, just like their wines. The very aromatic wines are all named after the grapes they are made from, each with its own recognizable taste. From tight dry to pronounced sweet: between the vins d’Alsace there is something for everyone. Recognizable for the wines are the long, slender bottles, which are also known as Flutes d’Alsace are called. If you go that way, be sure to take a box (or two) home with you to enjoy your visit for a long time to come!

Recipe: flammkuchen with goat cheese, mustard and bacon

Would you like to enjoy a little bit of Alsace at home? Dive straight into the kitchen with this delicious flammkuchen recipe.

> to the recipe: flammkuchen with goat cheese, mustard and bacon

Flammkuchen recipes

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