The non-floating weekly horoscope from April 17 to April 23, 2023

This is your weekly agenda that you really want to keep up with in addition to your Google Calendar. No floaty, predictive weekly horoscope, but updates from the cosmos that you don’t want to miss. Track the energies that come your way to make sure you don’t get too crazy surprises. And those energies, we can read them from the planets.

At least, that’s what BEDROCK’s astrologer Moon Nomad does.

Weekly horoscope from April 17 to April 23, 2023

Monday April 17

Moon to Aries

After a weekend in which we had a lot of need to sleep, the moon’s transition to Aries makes us full of energy to sit. The moon affects our emotions and subconscious and in one spicy zodiac sign as an Aries, our emotions get a lot spicier too! Because we are full of energy, we also tend to burn out quickly when things may not go as we planned, or when we encounter more resistance from others.

So a good day to pay attention to your feelings and to distance yourself in time if you notice that emotions threaten to run high. Not only to keep the atmosphere cozy, but also to protect your own energy. You will definitely need it later in the week when the new moon is in the sky.

Thursday April 20

New moon in Aries + solar eclipses, then both moon and sun move into Taurus (until May 20)

Hold tight! There’s a lot going on in the sky today that puts us in one astrological roller coaster can end up. Early in the day, the new moon in Aries keeps our emotions busy with us full of energy to get started with new ideas. A true gift, because the new moon in Aries is the second of the year, so we can make double use of this passionate and spontaneous zodiac sign to start a new chapter in our lives.

A new season in which we can get to work full of zest for life and passion after the gray time when not only our creativity but also our fun has been on the back burner. A new moon phase that will therefore mainly inspire us to take a new direction, after which the moon will move to its peak in Taurus later in the day.

Now that the moon will be in Taurus for a few days, we can process the impressions and ideas we got during the new moon. A nice zodiac sign to find peace emotionally again, because the spontaneous side of Aries makes us quite excited, which makes us high in our emotions.

Taurus leave us earth and helps us to come back to the now. Great, because not only does it help with processing, but it also makes you think about how you can process the insights into your life without running high risks. Taking risks and sudden changes are things that we absolutely do not need during the moon in Taurus, we prefer to stay with the old and familiar…

The stubbornness that we will experience emotionally when the moon is in Taurus for the next few days will also play out for the rest of the month when the sun is in this down-to-earth, but also stubborn sign of the zodiac for the next four weeks. As a result, we can not only expect a period in the coming weeks in which we will not be driven crazy by our busy schedule and in between we can certainly enjoy the nice weather, but also a period in which we can expect more resistance.

We can get used to less new ideas or changes and where we normally took a flexible attitude, we will now look at it with suspicion. You need extra thinking time and you will certainly demand it…

Friday April 21

Mercury retrograde in Taurus (until May 14)

Taurus, Taurus and more Taurus. These coming weeks will revolve around this down-to-earth, almost Dutch stubborn constellation now that both Sun, Venus and Mercury reside in this constellation for a longer period of time. Today Mercury, planet of communication, will anchor like stubborn Taurus as the planet stays in retrograde for the next several weeks. A phase where we can make even fewer decisions now that we turn more inward, so that we will muse even longer and weigh all aspects before we manage to make a decision.

Quite frustrating because this not only ensures that you need more time to make a choice, but also that if you feel rushed by others you will become even more defensive. In addition, the pragmatic vision of Taurus that it may well be that not everyone appreciates your harsh opinion. A time when you can be put to the test to learn to let go…

Saturday April 22

Moon to Gemini

After all inflexible energy of Taurus, the Moon’s transition to Gemini ensures we’ll adopt a more flexible mojo. Sometimes even a little too flexible, because emotionally we have a stronger need for variety, which can make it quite difficult to focus on a conversation. This weekend, immerse yourself in incentives by seeking out the company of others where you can continue to chat about the small talk. It is better to avoid serious topics this weekend, because there is a good chance that you are not paying attention…

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The non-floating weekly horoscope from April 17 to April 23, 2023

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