The new LOL Surprise Sunshine dolls are out!

Now that Carice is getting older, we can’t escape the hype that LOL Surprise! is called. I saw it many times in the shops, because these cute dolls are extremely popular with the little girls. And I get it, they are very nice. Because new LOL Surprise Sunshine dolls LOL line have recently been released, we received one. We are happy to tell you more about these special, slightly magical, dolls from LOL Surprise! And, at the end of this blog I have another surprise for you, take a look!

LOL Sunshine! Makeover OMG Dolls

LOL Surprise! has released three new dolls, namely the Sunshine! Makeover OMG Dolls. These dolls have a magical touch, because they change style and color when they come into contact with UV light or the sun. How cool is that? Bubblegum DJ, Sunrise and Switches, as the dolls are called, get a real metamorphosis when played with in the sun. The color of their hair and clothes slowly change and get a new color palette.

The dolls are 25 centimeters and, as mentioned, have three characters, each with their own appearance, colors and details.

  • Bubblegum DJ: A real girl doll with colorful hair and a cheerful outfit. What is also really cool are her pink heart glasses. When you put her in the light, she suddenly gets happy faces on her stockings. Too nice! You shop her here
  • Sunrise: Sunrise has a really cool kimono, earrings and long stockings. When you put her in the light, very beautiful details come to life. You shop her here
  • Switches: her favorite color is pastel pink and you can see that in her outfit. If you expose Switches to the UV light, her pink outfit changes to purple and even cool floral prints emerge. You can shop them here.

New Tots

In addition, there are also 12 new Tots to collect. They have one thing in common and that is that they all love the sun. So let the summer come! When the children play outside with the dolls, these Tots also change color. Do you take the dolls back inside afterwards? Then they will get their original color back. Real magic!

The Tots are packed in a cheerful ball, full of cool clothes and fun accessories. In addition, they all have a unique water bottle. Do you give them a sip of water? Then the kids are treated to a cool water surprise.

What do we think?

Sunrise is a real addition to doll mother Carice. She is completely in love with her and plays incredibly fun role-playing games. The magic with which the color of her hair and outfit changes is also really fun for children. As soon as the sun’s rays come in through the window, the doll is grabbed and the metamorphosis starts with the LOL Surprise Sunshine dolls with wide eyes. I can say that we are very excited and that this is the start of a LOL collection.

LOL Surprise Sunshine dolls

Summary LOL Sunshine! Makeover OMG Dolls

  • Age: from 4 years
  • Recommended prices & points of sale: va. €32.09, Blokker from. €34.99, Intertoys from. €39.99, Toychamp from. €34.99
  • Category: Dolls
  • Judgment of Ps. Cheryl : 4 stars


We can also give away such a cool LOL Surprise Sunshine doll (Sunrise) to one of you. Are you in? Then indicate in a comment below that you are participating (and enter a valid email address, only then can I contact you when you have won) and why you would like to win Sunrise.

Not mandatory, but nice if you also follow us on social media. PS. Cheryl (instagram), Ps. Cheryl (Facebook) LOL Surprise Benulux. Next week March 22, 2023, the winner will receive a personal message via email.

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