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We cannot and do not want to hear these sentences anymore: “Corona threw a spanner in the works”. “Then corona came and the holiday plans could go into the trash”. “If we have learned anything from the corona crisis…”. The last sentence does apply to the choice of our holiday destination. It was often close to home during the crisis. We have discovered that the Netherlands is not that bad after all.

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Less hassle

Not hopeless lost in translation in Tokyo, no endless box-wall situations in the local bureaucracy after, for example, a collision with a Frenchman in Croatia, no complicated visas and vaccinations, no markets with missing hygiene requirements, no Max Vakantieman-like scenes when the travel insurance is not on appears to be in order. You also don’t have to go through the health care comparator or your current policy first to find out how things are with care and insurance abroad. Holidays in the Netherlands are so well-arranged. Hassle-free, as a holiday should be.

Surprisingly and cheaper

Of course it also saves costs and every holiday starts off well. That is also why they often opted for a trip in their own country. You can’t turn a corner without seeing an affordable B&B, campsite or holiday park – and that in all shapes and sizes. You will find the ideal base in every region, with plenty of sights and activities that are not dependent on the weather. A Limburger is amazed in Sneek, a Drenthe is surprised in Dordrecht and a West Frisian imagines himself abroad in Limburg.

André & Janny, Floortje and Tom

Is the Netherlands so surprising? So yes! You can see more evidence in the many travel programs that adapted their content, the makers encountered special people and stories all over the Netherlands. Floortje Stays Here is an example of this, André van Duin and Janny van der Heijden discovered the Netherlands in Thinking of Holland and in September the Flemish globetrotter Tom Waes immerses himself in our culture in his own unique way with Reizen Waes: Nederland. These programs inspire and almost make your mouth water about your next Dutch holiday.

So next year again!?

It’s the way you celebrate your holiday that contributes to the fact that you’re really ‘away’ for a while. Everything that has to do with the daily grind, you simply leave behind by looking at your phone as little as possible and letting the environment affect you. Then the destination doesn’t matter that much. Whether the Netherlands has become a trendy holiday destination or not, as far as we are concerned you will be welcome in your own country again next year.

Book a holiday home here in the Netherlands, our own holiday country!

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