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It’s almost time: the summer holidays are just around the corner! After months of hard work, it’s time to relax, enjoy the sun and experience new adventures. But before you travel, it is important to pack your suitcase with all the essentials for an unforgettable vacation. Whether you are going to a tropical island, taking a city trip or planning a road trip through Europe, there are always a number of must-haves that should not be missing in your suitcase. In this blog we share the essential items for the perfect summer holiday, so that you can travel well prepared and enjoy your well-deserved holiday to the fullest!

A good bikini or swimsuit

If you go on a summer holiday, a good bikini or swimming trunks should not be missing. Go for a model that fits your body and in which you feel comfortable. Whether you go for a swim in the sea or relax by the pool, a nice bikini or swimming trunks ensures that you feel confident and can fully enjoy the sun.


Nothing is as annoying as burning while on vacation. So make sure you always have a good sunscreen on hand. Choose a cream with a minimum factor of 30 and apply it regularly. This way you not only prevent sunburn, but also premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Comfortable shoes

During a holiday you often walk more than usual. It is therefore important to bring good shoes that are comfortable and suitable for the terrain you will be walking on. Whether you go for sneakers, sandals or hiking boots, make sure your shoes fit well and provide enough support for your feet. It’s tempting to go on holiday with a pair of nice but uncomfortable shoes, but remember that sore feet can spoil your holiday fun.


Sneakers are a good choice for city trips or light walks. Just make sure they provide enough support and have a good grip. Sandals are ideal for warm destinations, but make sure they have a sturdy sole and fit well around your foot. Hiking boots are obviously the best choice for long walks in nature. Choose a shoe that fits the terrain where you will be walking and that offers sufficient support to your feet and ankles.

Invest in good shoes, because comfortable feet mean a nicer holiday experience. Always take a pair of extra socks with you and break in your shoes before you go on holiday. This way you prevent blisters and other inconveniences. Go well prepared and enjoy a carefree and comfortable holiday!

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