The most beautiful wines to give as a gift ⋆

Whether there is a birthday coming up or you want to bring a present for someone, a nice bottle of wine is always appreciated. But what are the ideal wines to give as a gift to the wine lover?

You may not want to just pack a simple wine type from the supermarket, but on the other hand, it might also be an exciting bet to opt for a very exclusive wine with a quirky, complex character. The wine you give as a gift must therefore be somewhat accessible, but also stylish and elegant. We like to think along with you and have selected a number of beautiful wine gift ideas for you below.

A sparkling wine is festive to give and to receive. For example, give an Italian Montasolo Prosecco Spumante. This bubble is full of flavor and elegant because of the refined, explosive mousse, and at the same time cheerful and sunny with all those fruity aromas of peach, apple and apricot. Ideal for toasting on special occasions!

Do you want to impress the recipient with a nice fruity red wine? Then one Spanish red wine tempranillo Crianza highly recommended. This wine has been aged in wood for a year and is particularly juicy, fruity and velvety at a relatively young age. You can taste ripe red fruit such as berries and plums, but due to the 12 months of wood aging, the wine also has beautiful spicy nuances, wood tones and recognizable scents of cherry, licorice and vanilla. A real tasty gem from Spain that will make everyone happy!

Also with a wine type from the new world, such as a Chilean wine, you’re sure to be fine. For example, a Carmenère Reserva from Chile is a real hit for the connoisseur. You can taste the high quality in the grapes with optimal ripening combined with spicy nuances and notes of mocha, toast and chocolate. This Carmenère is beautifully harmonious, intense and full of flavor and is fruity and spicy on the one hand, but also pleasantly round and soft at the same time.

Would you like to give a stylish white wine as a gift? Then a fragrant Chenin Blanc from the French Loire is highly recommended. This grape variety is known for radiantly fresh and tight wines. You often recognize apple, tropical fruit and a hint of honey in the flavors and aromas, and a light minerality. Very elegant as a gift!

Still can’t choose, or don’t know what kind of wine someone likes? Then a wine tasting package is also very suitable for gifting. With a selection of small bottles with different types of wine, you give the recipient the opportunity to taste all kinds of wine and get acquainted with new flavors.

Conclusion: there are enough beautiful wines to surprise someone with. If you are unsure about someone’s taste, you can also opt for a nice everyone’s friend such as Merlot!

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