The Last of Us reveals grand future plan and transcends trauma

Good news for fans of The Last of Us. Even if the source material dries up after two seasons, HBO Max won’t stop there. “Plan is not to stop.”

Filming for the second season has yet to begin. But the great success of the hit has tempted the makers to lift a small corner of the veil about the future. And the whole country is breathing a collective sigh of relief. Because in the Netherlands The Last of Us the most-watched series ever on HBO Max, making the zombie series hit like Euphoria, House of the Dragon and The WhiteLotus in the rearview mirror. Only: aren’t there just two original games on which the whole story is based?

Creators of HBO series: ‘More to come’

However, unlike most film adaptations The Last of Us from HBO Max created by the intellectual father of the original. As co-showrunner, Neil Druckmann is therefore well placed to make a worthy sequel to it once we’re past the original story. Moreover, the writer is not averse to tinkering with his brainchild if it works out better for television.

Craig Mazin, the other showrunner of The Last of Usstated on a panel at a conference last weekend that there is life after the games.

“Even though we initially only got the green light for one season, Neil and I felt like we couldn’t just make something without thinking about what would come next,” said Mazin. “There is more The Last of Us attendance. The balance should not always be found from episode to episode, but also season by season. So the plan is not to stop after the second part as there is still a whole story to tell. You are not rid of us yet”, it sounded promising. And perhaps this approach is also good news for video game fans.

Last of Us Part II (game) received very bad reception

The reception to the second game tells us that the series could differ greatly from the original. And if we take the reviews from the time, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. When The Last of Us Part II released in 2020, the long-awaited sequel to ‘the best game ever’ received positive reviews from critics. For example, on Metacritic – the Rotten Tomatoes of video games – the sequel has a score of 9.3 out of 10. But the audience score, on the other hand, is an extremely poor 5.8. In comparison, the first game has a score of 9.5 against an audience score of 9.2.

Without giving away any real spoilers, fans are mainly pointing the finger at a new, insufferable main character. The development of a friendship between the three protagonists would also feel cringe-worthy and forced. So hopefully we are not done yet The Last of Us off, but from this disappointing sequel.

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The Last of Us reveals grand future plan and transcends trauma

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