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Is it time for a new color in the house? Maybe the wall is damaged or you are renovating, are you going to sell your house or have you just moved yourself. Applying a new lick of paint is always an option, but it won’t get you very far with a damaged wall. In this blog we will investigate the differences between renovation wallpaper and glass fleece wallpaper.

What is renovation wallpaper?

Renovlies wallpaper stands for renovation wallpaper and is made of fiberglass. It has a structure similar to stucco. It is durable, impact resistant and can cover cracks and cracks in the wall. This type of wallpaper is therefore a popular choice among homeowners.

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What is it used for

Renovlies wallpaper is very suitable for leveling walls. It can be applied to walls with irregularities and small cracks, creating a smooth and clean finish. Applying this non-woven wallpaper is not something you can do yourself, but it is ideal for renovation projects and embellishing old walls. The wallpaper can be painted over with paint in any color, making it easy to match the rest of your interior. The perfect white canvas to transform the house into your personal style.

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What is glass fiber wallpaper?

Glass fiber wallpaper is a popular type of wallpaper used for wall finishing. It is made of fiberglass and has a very fine structure. This fine structure makes the glass fiber wallpaper smooth and sleek. So it is ideal for covering cracks and crevices in the wall and creating an even surface for painting. Glass fiber wallpaper is thus again an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a durable and aesthetic solution for their walls.

What is it used for

Glass fiber wallpaper is available in different thicknesses and structures, depending on the desired application. It can be used on both interior and exterior walls and is very durable and impact resistant. The wallpaper is also fire retardant and can help slow the spread of fire. It provides a smooth, even and impact-resistant finish that resists tearing and cracking. Since it is thicker, it is more expensive than renovation wallpaper. It is firmer though.

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It is clear that there is very little difference between the two types of wallpaper. Both are effective and can be easily painted over. To ensure that you have a good overview of both options, the differences are explained below:

Renovated wallpaper is cheaper and glass fiber wallpaper is stronger.

Both are great options and have many benefits. It is up to you which option you choose for the renovation or makeover of your home. The costs for applying non-woven wallpaper do not differ by type, so check your budget and decide what you want to do.

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