The house of Enzo Knol’s ex has been sold

Influencer Dee van der Zeeuw, also known as ‘Dee’, was able to have the sale sign removed from the garden of her home in Zeist. She decided to get rid of the house because of her recent addition to her family with her partner Lars and the need for more living space.

House of Dee van der Zeeuw in Zeist has been removed from the shop window

Dee was mainly known for her previous relationship with one of the biggest Dutch YouTubers, namely Enzo Knol, who was recently under fire. The two started their romance in 2013 and Dee appeared in Enzo’s videos several times. After five years, however, their relationship came to an end and in 2018 their relationship was put to an end.

A few months later, Dee found love with her new boyfriend, Lars Gerbrands. In 2019 they moved into their current home in Zeist together, but now, after the birth of their first child Elin in September of last year, they have decided to move to a more spacious home that is suitable for their family.


But first they had to get rid of their semi-detached house. But that worked. The property is conveniently located within walking distance of the center of Zeist and is attractively furnished with a luxurious appearance. With an emphasis on the gray tones and an abundance of natural light that shines through the ceiling windows in the kitchen.

The stone and wooden beams are elegantly integrated into the modern style of the house, creating a rustic atmosphere. We also see herringbone floors and black steel doors and door handles.

Three floors and 114 m² of living space

The house extends over three floors and also has a small basement, with a total area of ​​114 m². The backyard is no less than 147 m² in size. The vast majority consists of artificial grass, but there is also a chic white garden house with a covered terrace and outdoor kitchen, where guests can enjoy summer barbecues and cozy get-togethers. The total plot is 309 m².

Dee House in Zeist outside

On February 9, the Funda advertisement was labeled ‘under offer’ and not much later an offer was accepted. Dee and her partner therefore have a lot of pocket money to invest in their new love nest, because where she bought the property in 2019 for € 339,000, the asking price this year was € 620,000.

The couple will move into their next home in May, where a large-scale renovation will take place.

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