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Entreo is a platform in which employees of companies come into contact with a network of more than 800 providers in an accessible way. An employer often finds it important that their employees take good care of their health and is also willing to invest in this. With Entreo, the employer has the gateway to vitality in their hands without having to invest a lot of time themselves.

A subscription with a discount from the employer
Entreo is an app with which the employee can take out a subscription with an employer contribution. This is not just limited to company fitness, Entreo offers a range within the vitality domain. In addition to ‘Move more’, this also means ‘Healthier eating and drinking’ and ‘Mental relaxation’.

Taking out a subscription is step 1, actually actively working on your health is where you will make the difference. That is why the Entreo app also offers the possibility to take on challenges together with your colleagues. And do you successfully complete it? Then you have earned Entreos which you can redeem for vitality products in the Entreo appstore.

From fitness to vitality
A healthy lifestyle is achieved through a good combination of exercise and nutrition. As a fitness center you can respond to this by expanding your range of exercise with nutrition programs. Entreo works together with Bodysupport and Benfit for this. The nutrition programs are shown in the range in the app and ensure that people who want to get started with their nutrition first, also know where to find the gym.

From the industry, for the industry
Entreo originated from an initiative of the industry and is the connecting factor between vitality providers and the business community. As a fitness center you get access to the business world with a whole new proposition. By coming into contact with the companies with this proposition, new opportunities arise to reach the employees of the companies with the offer of the gym.

Are you also on the map?
For providers from the fitness industry, this is an attractive way to ‘get on the map’ directly with employees. When an employee wants to take out a subscription with his employer’s budget, the employee immediately sees which connected provider is nearby and has a suitable offer. So you get an extra sales channel for a target group that is normally difficult to reach.

Are you curious about the possibilities to put your offer on the map? View the possibilities at or send an email to [email protected]

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