The fitness industry is definitely switching to lifestyle and prevention!

It is inevitable and highly necessary that the fitness industry develops into a lifestyle and prevention industry. The increase in chronic conditions, including overweight and diabetes, requires social attention, from politicians as well as from the business community and healthcare. Among other things, the government encourages more exercise with the sports agreement, healthier food with the prevention agreement and healthier youth with JOGG. Based on the stimulus of the prevention agreement, the food industry is taking steps to make food healthier by, among other things, containing less saturated fat and sugar. to include.

The health forecasts show a negative trend: a clear sign that more, much more is needed to turn the tide. Consumer awareness, lifestyle guidance and, in many cases, behavioral coaching are needed. This is where the fitness industry comes into the picture, which is now making the definitive step from the fitness industry to the preventive health industry.

Awareness of healthy living is central!
A lack of health literacy, which affects more than half of the EU population, is a primary cause of continuing to make unhealthy choices, especially if you live in an obesogenic society. Health literacy can be promoted with awareness, knowledge about the essential insights of a healthy lifestyle. Sports centers will also increasingly develop into lifestyle and prevention expertise centers, where people can be guided and learn about sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

Recognized NL Active Lifestyle Coach level 4
NL Actief decided in 2022 to stimulate and support development towards this vision by developing the Level 4 Lifestyle Coach training course. In addition to the physical aspects of a healthier lifestyle, this training also pays a lot of attention to important lifestyle factors, such as behavioral change, nutrition, sleep, happiness, mindset and positive health. The training is an efficient and fast route for ?tness professionals to further develop into a lifestyle coach and to contribute to a major social challenge: more ?tter, more vital and healthier Dutch people. The theoretical part of this training consists of a number of online live training sessions and an online study programme. Content of the theory of the Lifestyle Coach level 4 training includes the basics of anatomy, physiology, training theory and testing, basic theories about behavior, behavioral factors, behavioral models, behavioral strategies, nutrition, sleep, happiness and mindset, stress and relaxation and a coach and inspiration file called NLFitter that the trained coaches can use.

This training starts on April 16 at EFAA training and if you register before February 28 you can use a 1000 euro STAP budget.

Other lifestyle and prevention initiatives in the industry!
NL Actief started years ago with stimulating this movement with prevention centers and the training of movement experts overweight and obesity, diabetes, NAH, oncology and rheumatism and many more will certainly follow. It is important for lifestyle and prevention centers to offer programs that can be easily presented to members and, where possible, also sold to companies. developed the Fit SWITCH, Food SWITCH and Mind SWITCH program for this purpose, which can be offered by sports centers and physiotherapy practices, but also by self-employed coaches and personal trainers in their own region. From the healthcare side, Stefan van Rooijen, general practitioner and developer of Fit4Surgery, started developing the 12-month program Fit4Life two years ago. In the past three years, the industry has also worked on a unique lifestyle as a medicine program, available in seven languages, from Every professional and interested consumer can register here for free and offer the Lifestyle Scan and the free mini video courses as a kind of lifestyle recipe.

A lifestyle and prevention expertise center in every neighborhood!
The fitness sector is moving in the direction of lifestyle and prevention, that is clear. Important factors in this development are quality, uniformity, expertise and positioning. Quality in implementation, based on a proven approach, uniformity so that you can present clear programs as a group of expertise centers and can act collectively, expertise so that the supervisors and coaches can actually guide people towards sustainable health promotion and positioning to make the programs strong and broad and to be able to make the sustainable connection with healthcare. How great would it be to soon have a lifestyle and prevention expertise center in every neighborhood, which collaborates with the health center, the general practitioner and practice assistant, sports providers, the social domain and the municipality.

A first step!
Anyone who believes in the fitness industry as a preventive health industry can already take a first step in that direction by, for example, registering at, which is completely free, or by taking the step to the new NL Active Lifestyle Coach Level 4 training. .
As far as I am concerned, the switch from fitness to lifestyle and prevention has definitely been set in motion and the sector itself will have to fully implement it.

John van Heel
EFAA and Lifestyle Club

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