The Dutch Mantel caused controversy by asking whether men can get pregnant

The Dutch mantelpiece has never shied away from controversy. Honestly, he seems to love the heat he gets online. These days, Mandel’s focus is on the trans community, and she’s not done yet.

Earlier we reported that the Dutch Mandel had a lot to say about the trans agenda. He wondered why he couldn’t get away with not asking questions or expressing his opinion.

To cheer himself up, the Dutch Mandel logged back into Twitter so he could experience a Saturday night. The controversial pro wrestling manager took to Twitter to ask a very risqué question, and he sparked a bit of controversy in the process.

TWITTER IS DEAD TONIGHT. So I’ll ask a good question and fuel it. Can men get pregnant? Yes or No…+ Explain. Serious question.

We’ll have to see what the Dutch Mandel has to say to create controversy. He’s certainly not done yet, as Mandal enjoys every moment of the engagement boost he gets with every tweet.

What do you think of the Dutch Mandal’s question? Do you think men can get pregnant? Sound off in the comments!

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