The Destiny 2 Streamer denies that major changes have been leaked that are prohibited anyway

Big changes are coming Lot 2 this year Some of them leaked earlier this month. Bungie now thinks it knows who is responsible and has taken action by banning Twitch streamer Ekuegan Teko-Agbo from the game he plays for a living. The creator says he is innocent and no one is quite sure what to do with the entire episode.

Every so often, Bungie holds a secret meeting with its star players and content creators Lot 2 Community To view upcoming changes and get feedback on the state and future of the game. These summits are invite-only and heavily non-disclosure, but that didn’t stop screenshots of a PowerPoint presentation from the most recent being leaked on Discord on April 5 by a user called Freezing Dart. The slideshow apparently revealed upcoming changes to content, weapons, and gameplay. A week later, Bungie took the unprecedented step of publicly acknowledging the leak.

“Community interaction and participation are at the heart of Bungie and our games,” she tweeted On April 14. For years, we’ve invited creators and other members of the community to secret meetings to provide feedback about the future Pan. This is a cherished part of the process, but it relies heavily on trust.”

The studio continued:

A breach of this trust could mean we can no longer hold buds. We take these violations very seriously and are taking action to enforce our policies with those invited to these internal meetings.

Ekuegan was not named, but the launcher later confirmed that Bungie had chosen him as the source of the leak meeting with ForbesPaul Tassi. A veteran gamer who is popular in the community for his skills and achievements in the game said he would no longer play it after the ban and proceeded to remove some of his past VODs Lot 2 flow. However, he says he is innocent and has no knowledge of the leak, despite actually attending the summit in question.

What Ekuegan seems to have fingered as the leaker is the desktop icons in the leaked computer screenshots that match his own. He told Tassi that this was the statement Bungie gave him, suggesting that he may have been set up. “I am involved in several non-disclosure agreements [at the moment]Why would I break them? “It’s part of the job,” Equigan told Tasi. “I spent 14,000 hours on this game and several hours helping the folks at Grandmasters.”

One possibility is that the leaks were cleverly edited to incriminate Ekuegan, even though they came from someone else. Another possibility is that someone else used their computer to cause the leak. This is Tassie’s theoryand it will balance people’s perception of Ekuegan as an honest and devoted figure Lot 2 community with every guide Bungie has. This would still be a breach of his non-disclosure agreement, but it would make more sense than the possibility of Ekuegan giving up his run to temporarily and secretly impress a small Discord channel.

Ekuegan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

other great Lot 2 Streamers and content creators were similarly in disbelief. I saw Ekuegan as nothing but kind to me and the community.” wrote Masroor. “He is a pillar of support. I trust him; take him for the valuables. At least, Bungie needs to take a closer look at this.” Lot 2 YouTuber Traditions Byf It was shorter: “There is no idea what to think about. The whole situation sucks.”

It is not clear when or if answers will be forthcoming. Bungie did not provide more details than the first two tweets and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Ekuegan is still streaming other games and saying so Work to clear his name. “I have come to a place where I am happy with who I am in life,” he tweeted. “I personally know the truth, I know who I am and I am glad to know it. Only God can judge me.”

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