The cheapest and nicest May holiday destinations

Are you and your family ready for a break after all the hustle and bustle of recent times, but shouldn’t it all cost too much? Then we have listed a number of destinations for you that are child-friendly and affordable during the May holiday.

These days, airline tickets only seem to be getting more expensive, but make no mistake, going on vacation doesn’t always have to cost the top prize. Fortunately, there are still a number of places where the prices all seem to be not too bad.

Holiday destinations for the May holidays

Are you already thinking about the beach? Or are you already thinking about those beautiful sights in that one beautiful city? Don’t worry, we have selected a number of places for you and your family.

1.Budapest, Hungary

A fun city trip to the capital of Hungary with the kids? Budapest is a city with many qualities and also one of the cheaper cities in Europe. The flight tickets and the stay in a hotel, airbnb or hostel are often very affordable and family-friendly.

You might not immediately think of this city for a holiday with the kids, but did you know that there are plenty of child-friendly activities, such as enjoying culture in the many museums, cycling tours through the city, relaxing in the bathhouses, playing on Margaret Island and taste local snacks at the Karavan.

A good tip when you visit the city is to purchase the Budapest Card. This allows you to travel for free on public transport and gives you free entry to certain museums and the thermal bath Lukács.

2. North Macedonia

This country is located in Eastern Europe and is not yet known among many people as a tourist destination, but that is certainly coming. Around Lake Ohrid you will find plenty of picturesque villages with child-friendly hotels and apartments.

The children can enjoy swimming and fishing. Macedonia has a beautiful nature, so you can certainly make a nice hike. You can also take a donkey ride through the mountains where you will pass several medieval villages.

Are your kids still small? Then May is the right month for you. It is not yet very hot, but the temperatures are certainly pleasant.

3. Ardennes, Belgium

Are you going away for the first time with your baby, toddler or toddler during the May holidays? Then the Ardennes is a very suitable choice for you. Stay close to home, but still have the feeling of vacation. The Ardennes not only have a beautiful environment, but are also very affordable.

For us as Dutch people you are there in no time. In the Ardennes you will find many campsites and holiday homes, where there is enough space for the whole family. Maybe grandpa and grandma will also come along or save a spot in the back for the dog.

Besides the fact that you can walk beautifully in this area, there are also many other activities to enjoy. Canoeing, mountain biking or climbing are fun activities for the adventurers among us. Do you want to sniff a little more culture? Which can. There are several experience museums, nature parks and castles in this area.


Cyprus is one of the sunniest destinations in Europe. On this island you can enjoy a relaxed beach day, but there is also a lot to do on the island. For the children there are several water parks, swimming at Nissi Beach or spotting animals at Pafos Zoo.

The cities of Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka and Pafos are the most popular destinations on the island. The cities each have their own charm and history.

5. Gambia, West Africa

This country seems far away, but with a six-hour flight you are already there! If you really want to go for a sun holiday with summer temperatures between 23 and 29 degrees, this is a suitable destination for the May holiday. In Gambia you have a wet and a dry season. The month of May is still under the dry season!

Kilometers of sandy beaches with palm trees, that already sounds wonderful. Did you know that there are also a lot of unique and fun activities for you and your family to do? You can spot monkeys in the Bijilo Monkey Park, boat trips on the river or gather wood, fish and attend lessons at a local school with the locals.

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The cheapest and nicest May holiday destinations

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