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The coziest time of the year is coming up again, namely the month of December! The cheerful lights are hung up again and the streets and living rooms are decorated again. Everyone is happy and the Christmas music is already playing at full speed. This also means that the Christmas markets are coming again. Throughout Europe you will find different markets with Christmas items, mulled wine, hot chocolate and delicious food. In this article you will find out everything about the best Christmas markets in the Czech Republic!

Christmas markets in Prague

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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is already a beautiful city in itself with many sights. During the Christmas season, the city is even more beautiful and beautifully decorated. You can taste the Christmas atmosphere in every street here! Moreover, the Christmas markets in Prague are among the most famous in Europe! You will find Christmas markets on various squares in the city, such as the Old Town Square, Republic Square, Wenceslas Square and Peace Square. At the various markets you will find delicious delicacies, handmade products and delicious (hot) drinks. You can also enjoy theater performances, concerts and performances by children’s choirs. The Christmas markets can be visited throughout December and some are even open from the end of November to the beginning of January.

Christmas market in Pilsen

Christmas markets-Czech Republic-Pilsen

In the center of the city of Pilsen you will find a cozy Christmas market on the square near the St. Bartholomew’s Church. At this market you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, good food and various wines, including the mulled wine. Try the mulled wine here. Taste the typical Czech snacks here. On the market you will find several stalls where handmade products are sold. Some stalls even show how the products are made. This is great fun to see! This Christmas market is a bit smaller than the rest in comparison, but just as cozy! This Christmas market in the Czech Republic can be visited from November 23 to December 23.

Christmas market in Olomouc

Christmas markets-Olomouc

In the cozy city of Olomouc you will find the popular Christmas market on the square Horni námesti. At this market you can enjoy all the lights from the attractions. Moreover, you will find a beautiful handmade nativity scene here. Young and old will love it here. The market offers more than a hundred stalls, all with their own products, services or dishes related to Christmas. From the square you have a view of the illuminated Trinity Column, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can enjoy the atmosphere here from November 27 to December 23.

Christmas market in Brno

Do you want to taste the real Czech atmosphere together with the Christmas atmosphere? Then a visit to the Christmas market in Brno is definitely recommended. This historic city is located between hills, which creates the ultimate atmosphere. You will even find a Christmas tram here! The Christmas markets in Brno can be found on the squares Namesti Svobody, Zelny Tyr, Dominikánske námesti and Moravské námesti. Be sure to taste the local delicacy Trdelnik and the local Christmas drink Turbomost and view the atmospheric stalls. You can visit the Christmas market from November 26 to December 23.

Christmas market in Cesky Krumlov

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Cesky Krumlov is a very popular city for tourists in summer. In the middle of the center is a beautiful castle that towers above the Maldau. In winter it is a lot quieter in the city, so you can enjoy all the beauty at your leisure. Perfect if you don’t like too much crowds. At the market you can enjoy delicious Christmas cookies and you can buy many Christmas products. Enjoy all the fun on Svornosti Square from November 26 to January 6 at one of the Christmas markets in the Czech Republic!

Christmas market in Ceske Budëjovice

Christmas markets in the Czech Republic

In the center of Ceské Budëjovice in South Behomen you will find the Christmas market on the central market square. The wooden stalls are beautifully decorated and offer a varied Christmas assortment with fun products and delicious food and drinks. There are also stalls where you can watch how certain products are made. The unique thing about this Christmas market is that there is an ice rink around the fountain on the square that is open to the public for free. How nice is that! You can visit this Christmas market and ice rink from November 19 to January 6.

Arrange your stay here and discover the Christmas markets in the Czech Republic!

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