The additional options of the Sonos wireless music system

The popularity of the credit card has taken off in recent years. This is partly due to the fact that there are more and more different types of credit cards in circulation. For example, nowadays you can use a credit card without BKR testing (source). Another reason is that you can easily make all kinds of online purchases with a credit card. For example, dozens of people use it to order electronic equipment every day, such as Sonos speakers. What additional options does the Sonos wireless music system offer?

The different speakers from Sonos
Sonos is a well-known company that has been supplying electronic equipment for many years. The company is known for its wireless music systems. Sonos is now more than fifteen years old and was founded by a number of technology professionals. It has experienced strong growth since 2002. The company has now launched various speaker models on the market. Music lovers, for example, enjoy the mini speaker Play 1. For television viewers, Sonos has the ‘Playbar’ and the ‘Playbase’ available, with which you can create a cinema sound in the living room. Sustainability and quality are central to all products. This means that Sonos produces speakers that last as long as possible. So you don’t have to buy a new model after two days. This is made possible by software updates. An example of this is the arrival of ‘the True Play’ home cinema soundbar, which was an improvement of ‘Playbar’. Users were very enthusiastic about the improved sound quality of this new soundbar.

PLAY:1 speakers and True Play Soundbar
The PLAY:1 speakers from Sonos offer more possibilities than just music. For example, the ‘Flexson Illuminated Charging Stand’ can count on a lot of enthusiasm. With this option you can combine light and music. In fact, it is a music system and a form of lighting in one. Place the speakers against the wall and see how it emits a black or white light, for example. This lighting is very popular because it often matches the color of the Sonos speakers. The True Play soundbar, in turn, fits well with 2018. For example, it automatically adjusts the sound settings to the room in which a movie is being played, for example. In the past, walls sometimes caused normal TV speakers to produce a less beautiful sound. However, Trueplay and your iOS device’s microphone measure how the sound bounces off the walls. As a result, every room, wherever you are, has good acoustics.

Give instructions to the Sonos speakers with ‘Alexa’
Sonos is a company that likes to keep up with the times. Thus, it continues to introduce new wireless music systems. For example, it recently introduced the ‘Amazon Alexa’, with which you can control the Sonos speakers with your voice. All you have to indicate is your favorite artist, song and the room in which the music should be played. Pronounce the sentence as clearly as possible. A little desperation can already cause the device to get confused! To enable the Alexa option, you must take a number of steps. First, create an Amazon account. Then download the ‘Alexa’ app and search for the ‘Sonos’ function. To enable the installation, you must verify both your Amazon and Sonos accounts. Did this work? Then go to the Alexa app and click on ‘Smart Home’. Click on the Sonos device and wait a few minutes. Alexa should recognize your device and you can use this option immediately.

Where do you place the Sonos speakers?
The wireless music system Sonos owes its popularity to more options than Alexa alone. Similarly, the Spotify option has great appeal to users. Anyone with a Spotify premium account can use it. All you have to do is download the Spotify app and connect it to the Sonos speakers. You can then play your Spotify music via the Sonos music system. Sonos speakers can be found in many households. They are relatively easy to carry and place anywhere. For example, you can place the Sonos: Play 3 players on a desk or mount them against the wall. This last option is possible with the Playbar, for example. The advantage of speakers against the wall is that they take up little space.

Listen music with SonosTube
Who knows, you regularly visit YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect the YouTube app directly to Sonos. It is possible to download ‘SonosTube’ on your iOS device. It offers the same possibilities as YouTube. So you can play almost any song you want with it. Of course you can also adjust the volume and play a different song in every room of your house, as is usual with the Sonos wireless music system.

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