The 10 Worst Excuses When You Lose With FIFA Soccer Blog

January 2023 • Football news

We all know it: a friend who comes up with the most creative excuses when he loses at FIFA. We have listed the most common fallacies. Do you recognize them?

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10. “I had a beer.”

Beer can make you a little overconfident, that’s true. Dribbling out the 16 with your keeper is not very convenient.

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9. “That’s Bullshit!”

A valid excuse every now and then. FIFA has its strange moments: a goalkeeper who suddenly decides to run out of the goal, or a referee who gives a penalty for nothing.

8. “You only score with crosses”

Front FIFA.  © EA
Cross, goal.

Admittedly, if you have Zlatan or Costa on the attack, it certainly pays off in FIFA when you swing the ball in front of goal. Therefore, make sure that the ball does not occur at all, cookie waus!

7. “The settings are wrong”

The familiar screen.

Oh, so if the camera is a little higher you learn to defend properly?

6. “I’m not used to Xbox/Playstation”

Xbox controller and PS4 controller
Look for the differences.

Exactly the same game, exactly the same controls and with the arrival of the new consoles, almost the same controllers.

5. “You play FIFA all day”

Howard in FIFA 15
Howard in FIFA 15. © EA

Okay, maybe I play FIFA a little more often than you do, but after 10 games you should have mastered the controls, right?

4. “The controller is broken”

No, the controller wasn’t broken when you failed. Well, yes, after you fling it across the room.

3. “He passes wrong!”

No, you aim the stick wrong and keep the button pressed too long.

2. “Your players are much better!”

Barcelona in FIFA.
Barcelona in FIFA. © EA

Then choose a decent team!

1. “I didn’t try my best.”

Higuain scores in FIFA 15.
Higuain scores in FIFA 15. © EA

As prostitute is the oldest profession in the world, this is probably the oldest excuse in the world.

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