Technology company? You too can celebrate Easter with your employees

Easter seems like an insignificant holiday that is celebrated every year by children and the church. However, it is a great opportunity for technology companies to improve relationships with their customers. A delicious chocolate egg does not cost much and will be appreciated by every employee. IT people also like to eat chocolate, don’t they? How to bring the Easter atmosphere to the office in a budget-friendly, smart and pleasant way? You will discover that in this blog post.

To avoid silences during brunch, you should first read up on what Easter actually is, and where the traditions come from. We’ve kind of lost the essence of the party in tradition. The answer to what Easter is is: the Christian holiday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Belgium we celebrate it on two days, Sunday and Monday. Traditionally, fasting takes place between Ash Wednesday and Easter. So meat and eggs were not eaten until Easter Sunday. We celebrate breaking the fast by decorating eggs. Chocolate was not introduced until much later around the 18th century. That’s when confectioners in France started capitalizing on the party. Through competitions to see which baker could make the most beautiful egg, the presentation became more and more extravagant over the years.

A very simple and effective way to use Easter yourself is an Easter basket. If you have partners with offices in different locations, this is ideal. If those partners are also fans of IT, it is nice to send technological promotional gifts such as a power bank, a USB stick or an ergonomic mouse. To make the gift extra nice, you can add some chocolate.

Do you like to gather the IT people and the board of the company for Easter brunch? That is a great idea! What should be on the table?

  • orange juice
  • Eggs
  • Coffee cakes (a typical Belgian addition)
  • Meats (this is how you celebrate breaking the fast) and charcuterie
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Any Easter buns that you can find at bakers around this period (or that you can bake yourself)
  • Pancakes and waffles are not necessarily classics during the Easter period, but they are perfect for a modern brunch.

Want to make it extra special? Then have brand new coffee bags printed. Provide each team member with a cup with his name on it. Win-win: there is no more discussion about the owner of the cup and you make your employee happy with a personal gift.

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