Tadic: ‘PSV has more experience in achieving second place’

After the win in Volendam, a crucial home match against Ajax awaits PSV. The number two in the ranking travels to the Philips Stadium in the knowledge that it will face PSV again a week later.

Reason for Ajax captain Dusan Tadic to look ahead to both squatters who will determine the course of the season. Tadic realizes that beating PSV will be a difficult matter given the state of the team that the Serbian is captain of.

‘We have often played against Feyenoord in a short time. Now twice against PSV. Wonderful, isn’t it,” Tadic told Algemeen Dagblad. “We certainly have a slightly more difficult program, but it doesn’t matter if you win everything. We do have more experience than PSV, although I don’t think in achieving second place.”

Of course, a scenario is conceivable in which PSV takes next to the cup but also sees second place go up in smoke. “While it is still unclear at Ajax who will be the trainer next season, something can also happen in Eindhoven this season. Now there is still hope for a cup win and second place, but what if PSV does not live up to expectations? Does Van Nistelrooij want to go for a resit? And will he get that chance too?”, writes Rik Elfrink.

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