Swimwear, wear what you like!

So many people, so many wishes! If you look at swimwear, you will see many beautiful items and trends. Still, I think the most important thing is that you wear what you feel comfortable in. Because if you feel good in what you wear, you don’t just radiate it, you really feel it! Whatever size you have, wear what you like! Surely other people have an opinion about it… Why do I say that? Because there are still many women, of whatever stature, who don’t dare to wear everything.

Why you don’t dare to wear certain items can of course have all kinds of reasons. If I may speak for myself, I sometimes find it difficult to put on a bikini with my size more. Why? Actually only because I’m afraid that other people will think ′′ ugly ′′ of me. I personally think a bikini is great, my curves belong to me and I owe the stretch marks to a wonderful child that I was able to carry. Yet I let myself be held back and I know that there are many more women with me! That has to be different…


Swimwear is for everyone, regardless of your stature. I therefore believe that you should just wear what you like, but from my own experience I also know that that is sometimes easier said than done. Reasons why that is, I don’t want to elaborate on that in this article. I especially want to talk about all the beautiful items that are currently available at OTTO, among others! With all this beautiful swimwear, there is always something that makes you feel good.


Thanks to my sports background (competitive swimming and water polo) I have always worn a bathing suit. These were not beautiful and elegant swimsuits, but swimsuits that were tight and preferably with a zipper. Water polo players understand exactly why this is. Actually, I have always worn a bathing suit, because I always thought that with my size more I really couldn’t wear a bikini.

So I always wore sports bathing suits, but nowadays I find it much more pleasant when everything is easier and nicer. Those curves are there anyway, even if you put on a swimsuit that is still so tight, you can’t hide it. So I choose to emphasize my positives. When I’m looking for new swimwear, I first look at what I like and then I try everything on.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a huge choice in swimwear. Do you opt for a model that is high or low cut? Do you go for molded cups in your bathing suit, or do you find that less important? You also have a huge choice when you look at the back of bathing suits. Do you fasten it with a knot in the neck, are there small thin strings that you simply put over your shoulder or are you going for a nice closure at the back?

Bikini and/or tankini

In addition to a bathing suit, you can of course also opt for a bikini or a tankini. Actually, I never wore bikinis, because I thought that was not possible with my stature. Today I think differently! I wear what I feel comfortable in. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right bikini bottom with the right bikini top, but in the meantime I have a good idea of ​​what to look for.

For example, I like to wear higher bottoms that are not cut too high and a molded bikini top that is molded and has braces. This way I feel comfortable and everything is also well supported. There are also times when I don’t feel completely comfortable in a bikini. For those moments I have a nice tankini top in my closet. I can combine these nicely with my well-fitting bikini bottoms that I already have in the closet.

Complete your outfit!

To complete your outfit you can also look at a beautiful “beach” dress or a beautiful wrap skirt. Maybe a nice long airy dress that you can put on over your swimwear. And what about a nice hat and sunglasses? I always like to be able to put something on over my swimwear. For example, when we walk to the beach or go get an ice cream. Personally, I often opt for an airy beach dress that I can put on in a moment, the good thing is that I immediately feel a lot more confident.

Choose the right size!

You feel good when a piece of clothing fits well. It should not pinch and you should be able to move freely in it. By trying on many different swimwear I found out what I really like. Where I actually went wrong was with my cup size, but when I read articles about cup sizes, I notice that fortunately I am not the only one. So don’t focus on the size on the label of the item of clothing, but wear the size that you feel comfortable in!

Conclusion? Put on that swimwear that you feel comfortable in and don’t think too much about what others think. People always find something about something, but often forget it after ten minutes.

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