Super Mario party tips children’s party for young and old(er)

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Super Mario is an icon and has been active on the web since July 1981, but as a carpenter Jumper in the game Donkey Kong where he was a villain. This game was extremely popular and Mario became the mascot for computer giant Nintendo. Not all figures were present in the first game, which took great leaps with the arrival of the Super Nintendo. I spent hours on my gameboy and gradually embraced the entire Nintendo family. And it is still very popular. So it’s not surprising that my son wanted to celebrate his birthday in a Mario Bros theme. In this article we dive into the magic Mario world into….

Who is Mario Bros

Mario Brittle is set in the American city of New York, a place where many people of Italian descent live. Reportedly, Mario is named after Mario Segale, the former Nintendo landlord with whom they had rent arrears. However, this has never been confirmed. Mario can also be recognized by his blue dungarees, big nose, mustache and cap, perhaps he looked like the best man…. An icon with which you can go in all directions with themed parties.

Bee super smash bros you can already see more different characters being added, whereby all Nintendo consoles are now inseparable from Mario. For each new Nintendo character, several Mario Games are released and a lot of other merchandise such as clothing, accessories and toys such as Mario lego sets. And we owe all this to Japanese Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario.

Super Mario party tips children's party for young and old(er)
Did you know that the movie “The Super Mario Bros” was the first movie based on a computer game? In addition, has Mario its own international day on March 10: the international day of Mario The above film can be seen from April 5. .

Mario characters

The most famous characters in Super Mario are Mario and Luigi, the two brothers who play the main role in the series. I know them from all Nintendo Switch Games and can also be admired on the big screen. Their fame now extends far beyond the borders and they are extremely popular in all age categories.

Super Mario, luigi, mario children's party, party mario bros, mario movie

1. Mario

Mario is the main character and hero of the Super Mario series. This strong, but small, Italian plumber travels the Mushroom Kingdom in search of adventure. He has a wide range of skills, including the ability to jump, run, eat flower petals, and defeat enemies. However, he is somewhat addicted to mushrooms based on magic mushrooms with psychodelic effects, that Mario anyway….

super mario, luigi, mario kids party, party mario bros, mario movie

It is also not always clear what Mario says exactly in the games, but the “Let’s go!” and “It’s-a me, Mario!” of course we all know! And then we haven’t even mentioned the tune… There is one line in Super Mario 64 that has long been a bone of contention among fans. When he throws Bowser away during the fight at the end of the game, we’re not exactly sure what he’s saying…. This eventually turns out “So long, King Bowser!” to be..

2. Luigi

Luigi is Mario’s younger, but taller, brother and the second main character in the series. He is a bit timid, but also has his own unique abilities, including the ability to slide and hide. He often helps Mario with assignments and has the same enemy: the evil Bowser. A funny thing you know is that Luigi is actually Mario, but in green clothes. This was mainly because the game’s memory was too small for a different design. The name Luigi means in Japanese ‘similar‘ and so goes through life as his twin brother, sort of Copy cat from Mario.


3. princess peach

Fortunately, there is also girl power in the masculine world of Mario bros with the presence of Peach. Princess Peach has been rescued by Mario for years from the green monster Bowser. However, getting married is still not in the cards and seems almost missionimpossible to be. Whether it ever comes to it, we’ll see… It’s a very ambitious lady who doesn’t let her cheese eat her bread.

And of course we have Toad, Bowser, Yoshi and Wario that you see in almost every Nintendo game and movie. And when I ask my kids who their favorite is, opinions vary. Mine is of course Peach…

super mario characters marjo luigi
Did you know that Mario wears a cap because the creator of Mario found it very difficult to draw hair?

The Super Mario Bros movie

Real fans have been ready for it for a while now; the Super Mario Bros film that will be shown exclusively in cinemas from April 5 in both the original and Dutch spoken version (also in 3D, 4D, Imax & Dolby Cinema). We are also a fan and to celebrate the launch, we’re having a party right away!


Children’s party Mario

Super Mario is very popular with many children and make one for my teenager gaming paradise by. We ordered various sustainable party items that I also use for the birthday of our youngest member. After all, a Mario children’s party is a good idea at any age. There are many games, snacks, drinks and decorations to think of. I was also quickly successful in terms of clothing. A bright color sweatpants and a cool shirt complete the outfit.


Super Mario snacks

There are a lot of characters in Mario games that you can imitate as snacks. Bananas, a red mushroom cupcake with white dots, star-shaped cookies, or serve a bowl of chocolate coins to mimic the ones found in the Super Mario games.

Reenact the adventures of Mario


Activities and games are perhaps the most important part of a children’s birthday. The track was a success for us, in which we incorporated parts of the Super Mario games. The glow in the dark outdoor games are a favorite, or set out a great course outside. Jump from hoop to hoop without touching the ground outside these hoops, create obstacles, or make piranha plants just like in the game as if your kids landed in the game. Also fun, recreate the brown-colored mushroom Goomba and leave the children there, like mario, on stairs.

super mario, luigi, mario kids party, party mario bros, mario movie

Mario decoration for a great birthday

With themed games, snacks and the right clothing, the Mario theme comes out well throughout the birthday. Add some Mario decoration to this and you bring decentralized to life. Mario garlands and tablecloths, cups and spirals. You can even choose 8 Bit wall decorations, party decorations and a selfie decor. It looks fun right!


The Mario Bros theme is fun that you can go in all directions with. With the above facts you can even put together a quiz. And when I’m in Sweden next time, I’ll definitely pass by the village Kungsbacka drive where a meters high statue of Mario stands. The Swedish company Bergsala has been doing the distribution and marketing of Nintendo here since 1981 and has a huge green pipe with an Italian plumber on it in front of their company. And for die-hard fans, a trip to Japan or Hollywood is worth considering. Super Nintendo World opens its doors here in Universal Studios Hollywood. Since last year, a theme park of the same name has been open at the Universal Studios theme park in Japan where you can have fun. Save blown, or maybe my golden sneakers will help collect the coins in real life. And hopefully when I pick one up, I’ll be in a Gold one Mario change…

If you start paying attention, you will see Mario or their friends passing you everywhere. Wahooo


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