Sup yoga – relaxing in balance (on the water)

It seems like the ideal combination. With a setting sun on the water, with a wonderful temperature in balance on a large sup board. Relaxing, outdoors and healthy. Sup yoga, it can hardly be a more beautiful combination. But what is it actually? And is it as idyllic as it seems?

What is sup yoga?

Sup yoga is a combination of supping and performing yoga exercises. By performing the yoga exercises on a supboard you work more on balance and the exercises are more challenging. In contrast to yoga on a mat, you will feel even better on the water where the imbalance is in your body. In the beginning it is certainly not unlikely that you will fall into the water. So be prepared for an outfit that can get wet. Sup yoga is therefore a full body workout, which brings together strength, focus and balance. And that is a unique setting. Out on the water.

The elements of tranquility, water and natural elements such as wind and sun make it extra special.

How does sup yoga work in practice

It is not necessary that you are an experienced sup king or queen when you start with this sport. Relaxation is the basis of sup yoga. Each lesson starts with an explanation about supping and the basic technique. What else is important:


A quiet place on the water. Lots of holidaymakers around you and children playing and splashing won’t give you a relaxing session of yoga on the water. A quiet serene place on the water is more suitable. At the start you often first sail a bit quietly to experience that it is doable for everyone. Finally you attach the sup to a line in the water from where the yoga class starts. This line is important because otherwise you will always drift. Not only not so pleasant for yourself, but also for the teacher it doesn’t get any easier when all students drift away and are busy coming back.

The board is therefore attached to a line or an anchor, so you don’t have to worry about drifting. All focus on yoga and relaxation.

Falling is not the end of the world

Most exercises are seated and are gradually built up to possibly standing. If standing is not (yet) possible, a good alternative is offered while sitting. That way the focus remains on relaxation and not on stress for posture or falling into the water. And it is accessible to everyone. But of course be prepared that you can fall into the water. Everyone who does sup yoga has fallen into the water at some point. Don’t let it ruin your session and don’t put any pressure on yourself. The focus is and remains on relaxation. So climb back on your board and keep going. The elements of water and weather make it fun.

Everyone can participate, there is only one real requirement and that is that you must be able to swim.

The influence of weather conditions

In bad weather, such as heavy wind or rain, the sup yoga usually literally falls into the water. The circumstances are then too bad to be able to work on the basic elements that yoga stands for. Cold or fresh is no reason to cancel the lesson at most organizations, you can dress accordingly.


To participate you need clothes that can get wet and that are comfortable, a towel and possibly a set of dry clothes in case you fall into the water. Depending on the training center you will receive a SUP from the organization or you will need your own SUP. If you have your own paddle board, the lesson is often a bit cheaper. Sunscreen or a cap can still come in handy when the sun is shining brightly.

Where sup yoga classes?

The Sup yoga classes are given throughout the country. There is no permanent organization that organizes this, so it is mainly a search for a location in the neighborhood and around water that organizes this. If you have a group of your own, it is also possible to book sup yoga lessons workshop for this group.

Would you rather try a different form of yoga? Consider yoga and swimming.

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